Infor drives future-ready enterprises with local cloud event

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Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced it will be co-hosting an Infor Industry Day in Fourways, Johannesburg, as it seeks to expand investment in business cloud transformation — particularly in industrial manufacturing, distribution, and food and beverage sectors — across the region.

These sectors in South Africa are hard pressed to keep up with constant, dynamic change, while leveraging immense opportunities and beating out the competition. To achieve this, a reliance on innovative technology drives improved efficiency, agility, and competitiveness. The key is to transform business processes and unlock innovation with strategic technology, data insights, early intervention, and future-bolstered platforms. The question is: how?

To thrive, organisations need to embrace automation, master software platforms, and gain real-time visibility into the extended supply chain. “The future demands smarter manufacturing and smarter distribution,” says Infor’s Phil Lewis, senior vice president of solution consulting, international.

At the Infor Industry Day on 7 March, Infor, AWS and IDC leaders from across the globe will give African businesses insight into the future of smarter manufacturing and distribution — and how to ensure they can keep pace. The event — hosted by Infor in partnership with the IDC and AWS — will be held at The Pivot Hotel, Montecasino, Johannesburg.

“The speakers will take a detailed look at the South African market and share key insights on how next-gen industry cloud software can enable businesses to embrace the future and thrive in today’s era of digital transformation,” Lewis adds.

The agenda includes discussions around key trends in the region, technologies that are shaping the digital journeys of manufacturing and distribution organisations in South Africa, and recognised pillars of success. The keynote session will be followed by a panel discussion, delving into how to embrace the future and thrive in today’s era of digital transformation networking.

“Attendees can expect to receive the latest updates on manufacturing and distribution industry trends and key digital strategies, learn why cloud-based modern applications are foundational to building a sustainable digital-first distribution business, hear from industry leaders about their digital transformation journey, and exchange ideas while networking with their peers,” concludes Lewis.

Learn more about the event, or register now.