Introducing Plascon’s best-in-class new wood-coatings range

The latest upgrade to Plascon’s wood-coatings range, Plascon Woodtect, has an on point product coding – AQU – to symbolise the word aqua, meaning water, rain or the sea in Latin. The water-based nature of the all-new Plascon Woodtect range certainly increases its appeal from both an eco- and user-friendly perspective.

Plascon’s revolutionary new product range does not use a chemical called formaldehyde, a common ingredient in wood sealant. This chemical causes the eyes to water, a burning or stinging sensation in the sinuses and throat, nausea, and can even trigger an asthma attack In sensitive individuals. Even more concerning is the link between formaldehyde and cancer that many medical and scientific studies have sought to expose.

Plascon Woodtect is completely odour- and formaldehyde-free so as to help protect the environment, the paint application team, and the end users of the space. But these are not the only innovative features; other notable characteristics listed on the range’s attractive new labels include the fact that it builds layers, sands well, is fast-drying, and offers reputable mar resistance.

The challenges of wood coatings can range from blistering and bubbling, to cratering and even grain raising. Yet this product range offers double the spreadrate of competitors and professionally seals and finishes any wood substrate, making it the obvious choice among wood coatings.

Needing to tint the wood in the most protective manner? Simply select the appropriate base that can then be tinted by employing the Plascon “inspired tinting” system. Not yet decided on your gloss level? Just request to see in-store samples of how the ultra matt, matt, satin or gloss finishes appear after they have dried.

You’ll save on overall expenses and even insurance costs, a great benefit in a time of high inflation, because there is no need to purchase an accompanying solvent or thinner for use with this product range. Just consider the risks of accidental spillage of a solvent or thinner, together with their high volatility and extreme flammability, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief at the wisdom of your choice.

Lastly, as this excellent-quality range is being phased in slowly and may be supplied within the old Plasco-Safe Water-Based furniture coatings packaging, be sure to chat to your rep or go to with any queries.