Jazz up a chest of drawers with Tjhoko Paint

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• Remove any handles before you start painting. If you want to put on new ones, fill the old screw holes with wood filler and attach the new ones once your project is finished.

• If the chest of drawers was previously varnished. To get rid of the yellow undertone and achieve a more subtle wood look all over, the varnish layer was sanded off with a hand sander – first, use the 80-grit sandpaper until almost all the varnish has been removed; then sand with the 100-grit sandpaper until the original wood is exposed and smooth to the touch.

• Use a paint scraper to remove any stubborn varnish or other dirt.

• Thanks to Tjhoko Paint’s built-in sealant, you don’t need to seal the surface. If you’re worried about possible water or moisture damage in a bathroom, you can seal the chest of drawers with one coat of Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze; dilute one part, Clear Glaze, with three parts cooled boiled water and apply with a damp mutton cloth.


• small hand sander

• 2 sheets of 80-grit sandpaper

• 2 sheets of 100-grit sandpaper

• 50mm paint scraper

• lacquer thinners

• mutton cloth

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Cloud White

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze

• 250ml Tjhoko Paint Magical Marina* 

• 24mm masking tape

• 38mm Tjhoko Hamilton’s Ensign brush

• 4 legs (optional)


Clean the raw wood well and wipe off any oils with lacquer thinners; allow to dry for at least 40 minutes.


1 Start with the colour-wash technique  Mix 80ml Clear Glaze with 80ml Cloud White. First wet the raw wood slightly by rubbing a damp cloth over it, then use a damp mutton cloth to evenly apply the paint and glaze mixture. The slightly damp wood allows the paint to soak in more evenly and prevents it from making streaks. Allow the paint and glaze mixture to dry for at least 1 hour.

2 Add the detail We created a simple geometric design on the drawers by applying masking tape diagonally from corner to corner to form two triangles on each drawer. 

3 Paint one of the triangles on each drawer front with one coat of Magical Marina (use your 38mm Tjhoko Hamilton’s Ensign Brush). Allow to dry completely (20–40 minutes, depending on the temperature). Then apply a second coat of Magical Marina and remove the masking tape immediately, before the paint is completely dry – this ensures that the paint won’t come off with the masking tape. 

To finish… 

We gave our chest of drawers a modern and stylish look with trendy new legs. 

Did you know? 

* Magical Marina is one of Tjhoko Paint’s fabulous new colours! 

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