Photographer credit: Sean Van Tonder

KZN South Coast gets a boost with launch of eco-focused haven, Serenity Hills

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Serenity Hills is your sanctuary: a place where easy-going living meets beautifully designed homes, against a canvas of spectacular beauty that invites reconnection with yourself and nature – Sam Wenger, Development Director

The subtropical KZN South Coast, with its beautiful beaches, indigenous forests, and relaxed lifestyle, is currently being positioned as a key destination for property investment. And the launch of the eco-focused Serenity Hills in Margate, boasting international-standard design and lifestyle offerings, is only set to entrench this position even further.

Developed by internationally-renowned organisations, Vida Capital, Constructionize and local partner, the Wenger Family, this 120-hectare eco-estate offers residents secure living within an exquisite natural setting. Being a low-density estate, 70 hectares will remain private conservation, home to some 250 bird species, 49 butterfly species, as well as game. And while community living in nature is pivotal, the generous buffer between villas ensures privacy within this eco-haven.

Sustainability and uncompromised modern-luxury amenities are available to residents of the 600 beautifully appointed units which will be spread out over three neighbourhoods. These open onto the sunny, north-side of the estate with expansive views of the Indian Ocean. All units, ranging from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom freestanding homes, are extremely affordable, with modern finishes and quality brands translating to incredible value for money.

The Development Director, Sam Wenger, will bring his Swiss heritage to the security and design of this quality-built estate. This is infused with the community-feel and appreciation for this subtropical paradise he has called home for over 10 years. The Wenger family is entrenched on the KZN South Coast, have established the world-class The Packshed Restaurant – which forms part of the estate – as well as the nature-based Sweetdale trails and local skills’ centre the promoted their commitment to community upliftment.

“We are delighted that our long-term vision for Serenity Hills is finally being brought to life. We wanted to create something different, something that allowed people to experience the natural wonder of the KZN South Coast every day,” explained Wenger. “As a family-driven initiative, we want to create an estate with character and heart – a place we want to live ourselves. Through a number of unique features, we’re ensuring that Serenity Hills offers a holistic lifestyle while still providing people with an affordable investment.”

Phase 1 of the development was officially launched to all interested individuals on Sunday, 29 May at The Packshed Restaurant. Attended by local residents and communities, tourism bodies, municipal representatives and other key stakeholders, the launch was a chance to get a first glimpse of the unique features that set this development apart.

Some of the unique features of Serenity Hills

·  Natural living: Residents have safe access to the private mountain biking trails, walking and running routes, fishing at the dam with sightings of resident bird and animal species.

·  Eco-conscious designs: The incorporation of gas geysers and hobs, LED lighting, solar panels, water collection and more results in low utility costs.

·  Guaranteed water supply: There are reservoirs on the estate that guarantee water supply to residents for three months. There’s also an additional option for buyers to put in the rainwater collection tanks.

·  On-site medical care: There will be serviced apartments, frail care, frail care, dementia and step-down facilities.

·  Gastronomy: The award-winning Packshed Restaurant provides delicious food and wines, with freshly-baked pastries delivered via the Tuk-Tuk bakery to homes.

· Security: There is 24-hour, state-of-the-art security including perimeter fencing, thermal cameras, access control and private security personnel.

·  Facilities: The Clubhouse will be a laidback spot as well as a lively social hub with many activities. There’s a playground and jungle gym, workshops, and an Observation Tower which is the highest point in Margate.

·  Vegetable gardens: There will be Schrebergärten to encourage locally grown produce.

·  Pet-friendly: All members of the family are welcoming, including beloved pets.

There are no transfer duties on any of the free-standing units, all of which have private gardens and a single or double carport. These include:

·  2-bedroom units starting from R1,395,000 (incl VAT)

·  3-bedroom units starting from R1,799,000 (incl VAT)

·  4-bedroom units starting from R2,345,000 (incl VAT)

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity in the Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom! To find out more about Phase 1 of Serenity Hills, visit or follow @serenityhillsecoestate on Facebook and Instagram.