Magformers: fun, educational magnetic-building

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Magformers are colourful magnetic shapes that click together to create 2D and 3D shapes. Created for little hands and growing minds, Magformers are ideal for ages three years and up. Each product in the range incorporates STEM learning, developing a child’s skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Magformers is the type of toy that will grow with your child as they develop fine motor skills and move from building 2D shapes to more intricate 3D shapes. Furthermore, the magnetic power of the pieces is unmatched. The magnets are made from neodymium, which makes them extremely strong as well as resistant to demagnetization.

“Children usually begin exploring Magformers with a flat design on a tabletop. Once they get the hang of snapping them together, it doesn’t take them long to figure out how to create a bigger masterpiece. One of the key educational benefits is that it teaches pre-schoolers about the fundamentals of magnets and 3D structures. With bright colours and a variety of geometric shapes, the sky is the limit in terms of what they can build,” explains Philip Galliford, Senior Marketing Manager for Solarpop.

Magformers provide hours of fun, immersive play and at just the right challenge level, they have big edutainment value. Children can play alone or with others, building new worlds and unique objects while exploring their creative side and developing their STEM skills. Parents can also join in the fun and explore their 3D building capabilities.

How Magformers help kids develop skills

  1. Improving Concentration

Playing with Magformers offers the opportunity for children to hone their concentration skills. The immersive play experience means that a child is fully engaged with the brightly coloured pieces as they build things. This type of free play encourages a child to focus long enough that they complete an object, which brings immense satisfaction.

  • Developing 3D thinking

The Magformers experience gives young minds a blueprint of the world they’ll carry over to a rewarding adult life. The pieces on a 2D plane rise up to form a complex 3D construction, which is a valuable cognitive leap. Magformers encourage the development of eight essential mental skills, including sensory development, modelling, creativity, curiosity, mathematical thinking, imagination, scientific thinking, and reasoning.

  • Fostering Curiosity and Creativity

Imagine giving your child the ability to be curious about the world around them so that they never feel bored and instead lean towards discovering and exploring new things, people, and places. Through play, Magformers opens up this “what if?” world. Studies have shown that curiosity can boost achievement as it leads to more enjoyment and participation in school. Instilling in your child an innate curiosity that they can take into their adult lives will set them in good stead. (

  • The benefits of Reasoning

Reasoning involves thinking in steps so that one arrives at a specific or intended outcome. The ability to reason and think logically is important for everyday activities, so developing those skills from a young age is vital. With Magformers, children interpret an image in the guidebook so that they can create it in real-life. This requires basic reasoning skills, and the more a child practices these skills, the better they will become at understanding attributes, relationships, and sequence.