NewsGPT launches the world’s first 24/7 AI-driven news channel

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In a groundbreaking development in the media industry, NewsGPT, pioneers in AI-generated content, today announced the widely anticipated launch of, the world’s first fully AI-driven 24/7 news channel.

This revolutionary platform will leverage advanced machine learning, deep learning, and proprietary algorithms to automate all aspects of the news production process, including story selection, research, content generation, and delivery through AI avatars.

The new channel, accessible globally at, is set to transform the way audiences consume news. Over the coming years, NewsGPT will keep refining it models in an endeavour to deliver “The Unhuman Truth”. The ultimate goal is providing a news channel that is as accurate and unbiased as technologically possible.

“Our goal is to reshape the future of news consumption,” said Alan Levy, Founder of NewsGPT. “In a world where misinformation and bias increasingly cloud the news landscape, NewsGPT aims to be a beacon of impartiality by eliminating the human prejudices.

The channel is free to access and is committed to remaining so, reaffirming the company’s belief in accessible information for all. “We understand that, at first, AI news might be feared or misunderstood, but we emphasize that it gives the public a voice. When you vote or comment on a story our AI will learn. So, if you feel strongly about a news story, you can actually help shape it. Its time regular people had a voice. NewsGPT gives us one.”

NewsGPT invites viewers worldwide to experience the future of news by visiting where news, written and presented by AI, is streamed live twenty-four hours a dy.

As it steps into a new era of media and technology convergence, NewsGPT is not just delivering the news but is making history.