Oh, So Sweet! More reasons to love Quickshop as Engen launches Quickees

Engen is extremely excited to unveil Quickees, a new fun and fruity sweet range bursting with real flavour. 

Quickees forms part of Engen’s Quickshop & Co. range of convenience products, which was launched last year, and now offers exclusive products at 300 select Engen sites nationwide, all locally sourced and presenting good quality at a great price.  

Quickees sweet range is made with real fruit juice, ensuring super flavour in a wide range of delicious treats for the entire family – from soft gums to mint chews.  

“Our confectionery offering is very important to our customers and we can now offer a proudly South African sweet range that can be trusted for its value, consistency and quality,” comments Engen’s head of convenience strategy and partnerships, Desi Gilbert.  

Quickees, which is exclusive to Engen, will initially consist of 30 core products, with a view to expanding the range in the future. 

Some of the much-loved products already on offer include: Quickees Soft Chews Spearmint and Icy Mints, and Quickees Wine Gums, Hearts and Kisses, Sour Rings, Gummy Bears, Big 5, Cars, Snakes Sour Fizzy & Yoghurt, Party Palette, Fruit Pastilles and lots more, as well as a variety of products from Sweets from Heaven, available in small and larger packaging, ranging from 50gm-125gm.   

Real fruit juice is used to add bursts of flavour but still offering excellent value for money. Price ranges start at R9.90 for Quickees 50gm Soft Chews Spearmint and increase to R23.90 for 125gm Sweets from Heaven, Monster Tongues. 

Specially packed for Quickshop & Co., which is a wholly owned trademark of Engen, the packaging is bright and bold, with a clear window so customers can view shapes, sizes and colours of the product inside, which adds a fun element.  

Adds Gilbert: “We have exciting plans underway to add a variety of new products to our Quickshop & Co. range because it’s about never standing still, and continually seeking relevant and innovative ways to meaningfully impact our customers lives.”  

Engen have strategically partnered with a local South African manufacturer who comply with the necessary food safety requirements and provide stringent food quality management.  

“Their manufacturing and distribution capability, expertise and years of experience will ensure that our customers enjoy quality products.” 

To remain a compelling, top of mind destination for fuel and convenience needs, Engen maintains a firm focus on consistently invigorating the Engen brand and its associated offerings. 

This is something that South Africans have come to expect from South Africa’s favourite petrol station* brand, which revolutionised the retail petroleum sector with the introduction of the Quickshop convenience store concept in the early 1990s, Woolworths Foodstop in the early 2000’s and Krispy Kreme in 2019, amongst various other convenience partnerships, least of which are the partnerships with leading rewards programmes, eBucks and Clicks Clubcard. 

“Customer service and constant innovation are key drivers for Engen, which is why we are thrilled to bring our customers Quickees, developed exclusively for Engen as part of our Quickshop & Co., range, which is authentically South African and offers exceptional value and convenience,” says Engen’s General Manager: Retail, Seelan Naidoo. 

Look out for the Quickees promotion in May and June with special prices including: 

  • 50g Quickees Soft Chews, Buy any 2 for R15.00 
  • 80g Quickees Gums and Jellies, Buy any 2 for R20.00 
  • 125g Quickees Gums and Jellies, Buy any 2 for R30.00  

* As voted for 10 consecutive years (2011-2020) in the Sunday Times Top Brands survey. Engen has also been voted the “Coolest” petrol station for 11 consecutive years (2010-2020) in the Sunday Times Generation Next Brand survey.