Pokémon: A phenomenon that has gathered fans worldwide

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The Pokémon phenomenon which began almost three decades ago as a video game has yielded numerous spin-offs – from plush toys and apparel to collectible figurines and trading card games. It has become part of popular culture worldwide, with fans both young and old, and it’s a craze that shows no sign of letting up.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game or PTCG was initially launched in October 1996 in Japan. It was then launched in the USA and has since sold over 34 billion cards. July this year sees the launch of a new collection in South Africa – the Pokémon GO Premium Collection. A collaboration set between the Pokémon TCG and Pokémon GO, the new collection will feature cards themed after the popular mobile game. With new Pokémon to discover, collectors and players will not be disappointed.

What is the Pokémon Trading Card Game or PTCG?

For those new to the trading card game world, PTCG is a tabletop adaptation of the popular video games. Cards that represent a player’s Pokémon are placed on the playing field in a specific arrangement and the player then unleashes their attack on their opponent. The player with the highest score is the winner.

Gameplay is relatively straightforward – it is, after all, one of the most popular trading card games available. It’s a combat game with a plethora of actions that can be performed during a match. Outside of playing, the collectible and trading aspects of the cards are also extremely entertaining.

“All the joy and the pain, of collectibles are captured in the Pokémon trading cards. The joy of collecting and playing, as well as the pain of not yet owning the high-value cards that you’re after. The game is easy to learn, but takes years to master which adds to the fun of it – the more you play, the more you trade, the more you understand the depth of the game. Satisfaction is also found in the micro-management of your deck in preparation for battle,” says Philip Galliford, spokesperson for Solarpop.

A Collectible Investment

Due to their tangibility and differing monetary values, the cards can be used as investment vehicles. According to a business know-how blog called ZenBusiness.com, Pokémon trading cards are an ideal way to teach children about investing, as the cards can be bought for cheap and then sold for a higher price. The rarity of some of the cards means that they can be sold at a premium. For example, a Charizard card from 1999 that was valued at $150 back then had in 2021 an estimated value of $2,000!

“Part of the appeal of Pokémon trading cards is their nostalgia value, which means once a fan always a fan. They are regarded as a souvenir of popular culture from their specific era, which adds to their worth, both in money terms and sentimentality,” continues Galliford.

On the topic of nostalgia, one of the reasons the PTCG has remained so popular over the last three decades is due to its knack for continuously involving the familiar aspects of the video games and the animated TV series. Evolutions, shinies, trainers, battles, status ailments: many of the elements have found a way and a place in the cards.

Pokémon GO Premium Collection

The first wave of products in the Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO expansion will be available in July 2022, with more releases coming later. Booster packs for this expansion will not be sold separately, so look for them in special collections. The Pokémon GO Premium Collection is a must for serious collectors! Available from Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Toys R us, C.N.A., Bargain Books, Exclusive Books (Select), Nintendo Store, Takealot and all leading toy and hobby stores.

Pokémon TCG is ideal for ages 10+

For more information go to: https://www.solarpop.co.za/Pokemon-Go-Sword-Shield-10-5/Pokmon-TCG-Pokmon-GO-Premium-Collection.html



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