Provantage launches SA’s first real-time, place-based media audience measurement tool – Protrack

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Provantage, a leading provider of Out-of-Home (OOH) media and full-service marketing solutions, is pioneering the first comprehensive, globally recognised audience measurement tool for Place-Based Networks (PBN) in the South African OOH sector. Provantage Tracking – or Protrack – employs the internationally proven AllUnite audience measurement technology platform, which provides verifiable audience measurement in the OOH context. This proprietary platform has launched in key DPBN (Digital Place-Based Network) and digital billboard sites – environments in which Provantage has the largest holding in South Africa – and will be extended to additional PBNs including static media in the near future.

Present in over 30 countries, the platform sets a new benchmark by providing accurate, verified data on audience reach, frequency and impact, adhering to international standards and undergoing independent audits for verification. Provantage is the first media company to implement audience measurement in all the major transit hubs, a large footprint of malls within the company’s portfolio and all major airports throughout South Africa.

The Protrack Platform provides verified VAC (Visibility Adjusted Contact) metrics – an international standard in Out-of-Home media audience measurement. VAC is commonly used for quantifying audience consumption, revealing the number of people who saw an advertisement, rather than the number of people who could have seen it, measuring the actual viewed impressions of OOH media. This differs from other measurement platforms, which traditionally provide measurement based on potential contact or viewable impressions.

Jacques Du Preez, Provantage CEO, elaborates on the value to advertisers across all divisions, stating: “Precise audience measurement remains crucial in delivering verified ROl for our customers. In this regard, real-time access to verified audiences brings unparalleled value to advertisers in the Digital Out-of-Home environment. Protrack allows us to create quantifiable strategies based on every audience member’s unique universe.”

AllUnite CEO, Esben Elmoe, adds, “We are excited to be partnering with one of South Africa’s leading OOH companies. Protrack is a game-changer for advertisers to effectively monitor key marketing metrics in detail to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The Platform provides in-depth analysis of audience behaviour, allowing brands to display the most relevant adverts at the right time and in the right place.”

Verifiable audience measurement is changing the face of OOH advertising, providing brands with peace of mind that their campaigns are effectively on target. Based on Protrack’s proprietary data, every campaign’s overall effectiveness is quantified by measuring the reach, frequency and impact on every DOOH screen. 

Protrack now allows Provantage to provide pre- and post-campaign planning and reporting and real-time campaign performance tracking. This empowers Provantage clients to plan and buy space on place-based networks with the same certainty they may have when buying other forms of media such as TV and radio. Provantage will engage with all major media agencies to ensure this dataset gets integrated into automated media buying tools.

Advertisers can now access Protrack to leverage audience data in all Provantage OOH advertising hubs nationwide, including taxi ranks, train stations, bus terminals, malls and airports. With Protrack, data that was formerly effectively invisible has become readily available, providing a quantified understanding of dwell times, frequency of visits and commuter journeys. These are pivotal in maximising OOH portals in these environments and informing the appropriate media in specific location zones.  To learn more about Provantage’s full-service marketing, audience measurement and Out-of-Home services, visit