Upgrading the air fryer experience 

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Now ready to take air frying to the next level is the all-new air fry oven by leading premium home and kitchen appliance brand, AEG. The 6000 Series 71L Built-In Single Oven with Sensecook and Air Fry offers a larger capacity than a traditional air fryer and provides 10 multifunctions including baking, broiling, toasting, dehydrating, and rotisserie options in addition to air frying.

“The air fryer oven range is a very exciting addition to our catalogue. It is a premium built-in oven that offers the stability of a permanent home appliance fixture, with all the high-tech benefits and cooking capabilities of a full-range air fryer,” says Michelle McGowan, Head of Marketing at Electrolux South Africa which manufactures household appliances for AEG.

“Our air fryer oven range specially caters for our customers’ needs – many of which told us they would like to make nourishing, crispy and delicious meals for the entire family while eliminating the need for a separate costly, bulky countertop appliance. With our air fryer oven, you also have more capacity, so you can prepare larger dishes and more food with ease and less time,” adds McGowan.

More convenience

The convenience offered by the AEG Air Fryer includes the ability to:

  • Heat up quicker, more efficiently – saving time and energy. 
  • A self-cleaning system which helpfully converts dirt, grease and food residue into ash which
  • can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.
  • Select an amazing range of cooking functions (baking, rotisserie, air frying etc) at the touch of a button. 
  • Put safety first, with a specially designed cool oven door that always has a cool-touch.

Increase in home revamps drives influx of latest appliance technology 

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in South Africans increasing their investments in home improvements and this trend is continuing with remote working here to stay. AEG ensures that the country has the latest in premium quality, high technology and sustainable home appliances available.

Included in the brand’s latest inspiring range is the AEG ComfortLift Dishwasher.  Dubbed the “Rolls Royce” of new state-of-the-art dishwashers, this sleek new appliance combines cutting-edge technology with award-winning design to provide a futuristic dishwashing experience.

A smart fit into any modern kitchen, this appliance offers a gentle lifting mechanism, and its pioneering internal satellite spray arm disperses water to all areas, ensuring a meticulous wash of all items and leaving no residue or spot untouched. The AirDry technology uses natural airflow to maximise the dishwasher’s drying performance as the door automatically opens ajar once the cycle is complete to help dry your dishes naturally.

“Cleaning up after enjoying your delectable meal prepared in our air fry oven has never been easier with the ComfortLift dishwasher. Our aim is to give our customers an experience that challenges the boundaries of everyday life and sets new standards,” concludes McGowan.

For more information on the AEG 6000 Series 71L Built-In Single Oven with Sensecook and Air Fry and the ComfortLift Dishwasher visit www.aeg.co.za.