What are the new insights that will inform décor and design in a post-pandemic world

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The spaces we move, live and work in have all been radically re-imagined and will change further still… Industry researchers are investigating everything from how tech-smart or sustainable your home will be in the future to your evolving working space – either at home, at the office, at a communal shared space, on the beach, or a combination…

In light of these profound shifts, Decorex Africa – the continent’s leading authority on décor and design – has completely reimagined itself in a new “phygital” form that embraces the digital and physical manifestations of contemporary life. Guided by newly appointed curator Bielle Bellingham, a creative director and former décor magazine editor, the re-envisioned show will take place in Cape Town and Joburg this year with exciting new feature areas that reflect the times and illustrate how to live in the ever-changing now.

Each zeitgeist-ready feature addresses a specific need, desire, gap or opportunity that has emerged in today’s world. Call them macro-trends if you will, but Decorex Africa’s new Campus, Future Present, Retreat, Kitchen Project, Surface Bar, Landscape, Cooking Theatre and Makerspace themes, all reimagine the way we experience familiar spaces and offer new solutions to take into the future.

Here, Bellingham shares just a few of her curatorial insights that will be boldly illustrated at the shows through uniquely formatted displays.

Curator insight #1: Gone Soft

The home space is getting ready for a migration towards soft textures. Think 3D, voluminous pieces bringing into your home a newfound sense of haven and an enhanced feel-good factor such as these by @sisterbystudioashby

Curator insight #2: Work/Play

The work space will be a gentle balance between what it is to work, and what it is to play. There is a fine line between play and workability in the decor and design industry. We need a certain level of practicality to accomplish purposeful design, however, what would design be without playful creativity? This inspired space by @wacommunity shows there is a perfect place for the ultimate work/play collaboration.  

Curator insight #3: No more “kitchen”

Kitchens are adapting and morphing into living areas in unconservative ways. The Decorex Africa Kitchen Project embraces kitchen design that presents new directions for a hard-working space.

Curator insight #4: Making not Taking

Makers and making have been surfacing for some time now, but the pandemic and burgeoning sustainability concerns have lent a different urgency and cachet to the act of making. Now is the time to learn how to conserve, reshape and reupholster that sofa instead of replacing it. Decorex Africa will feature a new-wave maker station for the DIY movement of tomorrow.

Curator insight #5: Circular Economy

Product and interior design crafted with sustainability in mind will drive a shift in both mindset and outcome. Decorex Africa will be a showcase for newly engineered biomaterials, surfaces and solutions that let consumers live their best green life with ease.

These are a few of the highlights of the upcoming shows at the CTICC in Cape Town from 16 to 19 June 2022 and at the Sandton Convention Centre in Joburg from 28 to 31 July 2022. The reimagined Decorex Africa is positioned to move the industry into new territories of collaboration, inspiration and innovation.

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