What to look for in a pool contractor

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What to search for in a good pool contractor

The installation of a pool in any backyard makes for an excellent leisure and health amenity, and the construction process for one should, ideally, be as stress-free as the pool itself. That means you need to hire a contractor that is a leader in their field to ensure not just the success of your project but also your general peace of mind.

You will be able to make the most educated choice possible if you are aware of what qualities a good pool builder should possess. But what exactly should you look into, and where exactly should you begin?

The Complete Guide to Knowing What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Contractor

We’ll walk you through all you need to know to identify pool builders who can make your backyard the oasis you’ve always dreamed it could be in this guide. For your convenience, we have organized the important points into the following four categories:

Information Regarding the Contractor

  • Customer Engagement
  • Certifications
  • Specifications of the Service

Beginning with information regarding the most fundamental aspects of the contractor, we will go through the specifics of each category that will assist you in making an educated choice.

How simple is it to “Get to Know” Your Contractor and Learn About the Services They Provide?

In this day and age, a contractor’s details need to be straightforward to obtain and ought to tell you a great deal about them. The first place you should look is on their website. If a service provider does not have a website, your job will be made significantly simpler because you will be able to exclude them from consideration. In the event that they do, the following are some specific qualities to search for in a pool builder

  1. Experience

The “About Us” part of a contractor’s website should provide pertinent information, beginning with the length of time the company has been active in the sector. While it’s true that every firm has to begin somewhere, there are significantly fewer dangers associated with operating an established company. The installation of a swimming pool is a significant financial commitment on your behalf; mitigating potential risks at an early stage helps to safeguard the benefits that you might anticipate later on.

Hiring an experienced contractor helps you avoid pool builders who may still be learning on the job, and it lessens the chance of sinking money into a fly-by-night operation. Another benefit of hiring an experienced contractor is that it allows you to avoid wasting money on a fly-by-night operation. An experienced pool builder will have worked on a number of different installations throughout the course of their career. This is an invaluable experience that will directly help you throughout the process of installing your pool.

  1. Credentials and a Network of Contacts

After you have reached a degree of comfort with the amount of experience a contractor has, you may go on to more detailed research. To begin, provide your contact information, which should include your geographical location, email address, and phone number. It would be ideal if you could communicate directly with a representative of the company. This information assists you in locating local contractors and makes it simpler for you to check the trade certifications of those contractors.

In the majority of states, pool builders are required to have a specific license that is state-certified; therefore, you should make sure to verify that your prospective contractor maintains current licensure.

  1. Pricing and Estimates of Cost

When you have the contact information in hand, you may also ask about the fees associated with the service. There is a valid explanation for why the vast majority of contractors do not disclose an itemized price list. Every project has its own unique set of complex variables and specialized financial requirements. However, you should ask for a quotation or a free estimate if they can provide either of those to you.

Even if you are unsure of all of the costs associated with the project, an estimate can help you figure out how much money you will need to build a pool. When providing you with a price, a reputable contractor will take into account any additional charges that you might overlook.

  1. What Kind of Interactions Does the Contractor Have with Their Clients?

The information on the contractor can provide you with valuable insight regarding the company as a whole. During the course of conducting that research, you might find that you end up having a conversation with a pool builder or a customer service representative. This presents an excellent opportunity to assess the contractor’s communication style with the customers.

The manner in which a pool builder communicates might reveal a lot about the manner in which they handle customer service. It provides you with a clearer picture of how simple it is to collaborate with them, particularly if you are able to explain their track record with previous customers. But what aspects of an engagement style for a contractor are deemed absolutely necessary? Take a peek.

  1. A Superior Level of Expertise and Professionalism

When considering what qualities to look for in a pool builder, professionalism should come first. This includes the ability to explain the process to customers in a way that is easy to understand. Installing a pool requires knowledge and experience in a variety of technical domains, including plumbing, excavation, and electrical systems, among others.

These are the fields that deal with difficult concepts. A skilled pool builder has the expertise to correctly apply those talents when the time comes; nevertheless, they should still be able to communicate fundamental concepts in a way that is understandable to the average person. It is the obligation of a contractor to simplify the facts so that you may continue to exercise control over your project.

  1. References from Existing Customers

A reputable pool company should be able to provide references to previous clients who are satisfied with their work. If they are unable to answer your query or want to ignore it, it is best to look elsewhere. If the pool builder has a track record of consistently producing quality work, you may expect greater support and service from them.

Think about how you want to feel when you’ve completed the job you’re working on. Look for contractors who are aware of the requirements necessary to achieve that level of customer satisfaction. If at all possible, inquire with people you know to find out if they have any experience with their service.

  1. Evaluations and Opinions

Ask a possible contractor to point you in the direction of any public reviews they are aware of while you are having a conversation with them. They may have a review section on their website, or they may know of other websites that provide ratings for pool building services in your area.

Even if testimonials supplied by the contractor are a fantastic place to start, you should still conduct your own independent investigation to confirm their accuracy. Conduct a search for Google reviews using your web browser, or visit the social media profiles associated with the company. Facebook sites dedicated to businesses typically include a reviews area with a star rating scale from one to five.

  1. What Qualifications and Accreditations Does the Swimming Pool Builder Have?

A contractor who possesses trade credentials has demonstrated that they meet the competency standards established by their regulatory board. When you now know that they have a certification, you may move on to researching their exact credentials. Before a contractor can install a swimming pool in your backyard, they will need to first obtain the necessary licensing. Some of these are for the regulation of the state, while others are for the protection of the customers.

  1. Inquire about the following certifications from a prospective contractor.

A Policy of Insurance

Make sure that you are covered from liability in the event that a pool builder mistakenly causes damage to your home or the property of your neighbor, or if someone is injured while working on your installation. Working with an insured service provider is the best approach to accomplish this goal when conducting business in the contracting industry.

General liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are two types of coverage that a contractor ought to be able to provide. In the event that they do, you have the option of requesting a copy of their insurance certification from them.


Having a permit in your possession before beginning any job is always necessary, but it is especially important in situations that entail digging and excavation. It is important to check with your contractor, who needs to be familiar with the rules and regulations because each state will have its own set of requirements.

A combination permit covers not only the building of the swimming pool but also the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work that is closely related to building the swimming pool. The alternative choice is to acquire individual permits for the work covered by each of these permits, such as a Building Permit, Electrical Permit, Plumbing Permit, and Mechanical Permit.


Don’t forget to inquire about the warranty that the pool builder provides, what it covers, and how long it lasts when you talk to them. It is essential to be specific. It is best to know all of the alternatives upfront, whether you will need a surface warranty that lasts for 15 years or a structural warranty that lasts for a lifetime.

What Kind of Services Can You Expect from the Pool Builder, and Can You Provide More Specifics?

Last but not least, while thinking about what to look for in a pool builder, it is beneficial to have more information about the installation procedure and work practices that the company uses. The specifics of these service offerings will assist you in determining whether or not they are suitable for the task at hand. Find out the following information about a service before you commit to using it.


You should question a possible contractor about the length of time it will take to finish your project, even if they can only provide an estimate. Especially if you are contracting them during busy seasons like early spring, you should be sure that they will be available to start on the day that has been agreed upon.

Even though unforeseen setbacks are always a possibility, an experienced pool builder will be able to more accurately estimate the amount of time needed to complete the project. The final schedule must be laid out in the service contract in a clear and concise manner.

Contract Details

There are further particulars that should be committed to paper. A contract for the construction of a pool must include a detailed explanation of all of the services, components, and accessories that will be required. It is important that the timeline for the project as well as the terms of payment be mentioned explicitly. In conclusion, the contract ought to include an explanation of the procedure to be followed in dealing with problems such as extreme weather circumstances.

Products and Business Associates in Contracting

The vast majority of contractors can safeguard you and guarantee their service through the use of a warranty plan; however, this may not cover the quality of the work performed by their subcontractors. Products such as pool pumps, heaters, and decking are typically covered by the manufacturers if they are covered at all. You should inquire with a pool builder about the locations from which they obtain goods and the businesses that they contract with for additional services.

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