60 Minutes Show against alcohol and drug abuse: A powerful tale of good vs evil

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As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, the 60 Minutes Show partnered with The Cedars South Coast Addiction Treatment Facility to put on a transformative production about the battle against drug and alcohol abuse which was presented at KwaZulu-Natal schools from 24 to 26 July. As usual, the production was also open to the public with the rehearsal performance showcased on 22 July.

Entitled Good vs Evil, the show was a collaborative effort written, directed, and acted by 10 brave in-patients from The Cedars facility. For the production, The Cedars and 60 Minutes NPC join forces to tackle addiction issues, and their latest venture stands as a poignant testament to the impact of this partnership.

“We’d like to congratulate everyone involved in what was a truly impactful performance that will, no doubt, positively impact many young lives,” commented Sindi Hlatshwayo, co-director of the 60 Minutes NPC. “It was also wonderful that we got to share this production with a wider audience with the rehearsal opened up to the public. This is a story that needs to be told at a time when addiction continues to destroy lives and families in South Africa.”

The stage came alive as the production took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, shedding light on the harrowing effects of drug and alcohol addiction within the fabric of South African communities. Through their personal stories of struggle and redemption, the in-patients bared their souls, exposing the destructive consequences of substance abuse on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

The Cedars South Coast Addiction Treatment Facility is renowned for its compassionate and effective approach to addiction recovery, and this show provided a platform for patients to heal through artistic expression. The residents poured their hearts into their performances, captivating the audience with raw and authentic portrayals that left a lasting impact.

To extend the message’s reach, the show was taken to six schools across KwaZulu-Natal. Students and teachers alike were moved by the compelling narrative, which provided an educational and eye-opening experience. By weaving together the stories of addiction’s dark descent and the hope of rehabilitation, Good vs Evil painted a vivid picture of the transformative power of recovery.

After each school performance, a Q&A session was conducted, facilitated by some of The Cedars’ skilled counsellors. This interactive segment allowed students and teachers to delve deeper into the themes explored in the show and gain a clearer understanding of addiction’s complexities. Additionally, counsellors provided valuable insights into the importance of early intervention, destigmatizing addiction, fostering empathy, and getting help for those battling substance abuse.

As part of its ongoing commitment to fighting addiction, The Cedars South Coast Addiction Treatment Facility will continue to collaborate with 60 Minutes Fight Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse NPC on future initiatives. Together, they aim to expand their reach and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals battling addiction and their families.

Brighton Hlatshwayo of 60 Minutes NPO said the response to the show had been phenomenal: “I’d like to thank everyone who poured their heart into this production, and to everyone who supported it. After the pandemic, with so many people turning to substance abuse, there’s even more need for people to hear this message, and we look forward to continuing this work beyond these 10 years.”