7 reasons why a sustainable home is a better investment

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The term ‘sustainable home’ has become a dominant trend in the property market, and while many understand the need for eco-friendly living, there are often several benefits to this sort of purchase that are overlooked. For those in the market for a new family home, here are a few reasons why sustainability should be at the top of the list.

“Investing in a sustainable home does not mean you have to pay above the market rate, but it does mean avoiding those developments that are greenwashing with fancy wording but no real substance,” explained Reece Daniel, Developer. “It’s about considering eco-friendly options from construction through to lifestyle, supporting residents on this sustainable living journey.”

1.      Cost-savings

The installation of LED lighting, gas-powered cooking appliances, solar panels and water retention devices results in massive monthly cost savings for the homeowner. A well-designed home will incorporate modern techniques that not only prioritise the efficient use of resources but also maximise natural lighting and breezes to minimise operating costs related to artificial lighting and temperature control.

2.      Peace of mind

When investing in sustainable homes, purchasers are benefiting from peace of mind knowing that they are positively contributing to the fight against climate change daily. Eco-friendly home construction minimises greenhouse gas emissions with reliance on renewable energy sources further contributing toward the global shift to environmentally conscious living.

3.      Increased build durability

The key to building a truly sustainable home is using products that are environmentally friendly and durable. The house needs to withstand all the elements, from strong winds to flooding, and remain intact for decades to come, with minimal maintenance requirements. Without durability, the construction is not remaining true to the sustainability principles as more energy, time and resources are needed for the structural upkeep.

4.      Better long-term investment

Buying a sustainable home is not only great for those living there, it’s a really fantastic long-term investment as the demand for sustainable living continues to grow. These homes offer buyers much lower monthly costs and have a much higher resale value than other homes.

5.      An uninterrupted lifestyle

But peace of mind extends beyond the global contribution. For South Africans, load shedding and water shortages are a daily reality with few short-term solutions. A sustainable estate will ensure there is uninterrupted water and power supply through solar backup, gas appliances, and water retention strategies including storage devices and supply dams. For families with young children, this goes a long way in easing the pressure of day-to-day living.

6.      A deeper connection to nature

A disconnect with the natural world is considered one of the reasons the planet is in the current crisis. By investing in a sustainable home, particularly those located in eco-estates, residents are able to have a much more direct connection to nature. Indigenous gardens attract insects, birds and wildlife which is beneficial to the ecosystem, with nature trails a great way for families to explore by hiking and biking. There is overwhelming research that indicates that being in a natural environment is not only good for physical development but vital for mental well-being.

7.      Better home loans

Finally, there’s another financial incentive for those looking at sustainable homes. According to the Green Building Council of South Africa, banks are starting to recognise the benefits of such homes, with a reduction in risk and lower running costs translating to more likelihood of securing a home loan at a reasonable rate. These ‘green mortgages’ as they’re known are hugely beneficial for those looking to buy that first family home.

The latest eco-focused estate being developed on the KZN South Coast meets all the needs of sustainable home buyers. Serenity Hills, in the coastal village of Margate, boasts international-standard design and lifestyle offerings through a number of sustainable features.

According to Daniel: “We’re past the point of merely wanting to live a sustainable life, we need to be practising it now. Every element of the Serenity Hills’ design has considered the planet and our carbon footprints, from physical construction through to organic gardens. Residents are immediately contributing positively to the planet just by investing in the development.”

Some of the sustainable elements of Serenity Hills include:

·        Environmentally-friendly materials

·        Eco-conscious designs with natural lighting and sea breezes

·        Gas geysers and hobs

·        LED lighting

·        Solar-ready installations

·        Rain harvesting and rainwater collection tanks

·        Reservoirs, boreholes and supply dams with a guaranteed three-month supply

·        Communal vegetable gardens

·        Walking, running and mountain bike trails

To find out more about Phase 1 of Serenity Hills, visit www.serenityhills.co.za or follow @serenityhillsecoestate on Facebook and Instagram.