Airport Ads launches The Atrium at OR Tambo

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Airport Ads, one of the most innovative airport media companies in the Middle East and Africa Region (MEA) and part of the Provantage family of companies, has announced the launch of The Atrium, its latest digital airport media solution situated within the International Arrivals Atrium at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport.  

Airport Ads’ large-format Atrium screens are unique and impactful advertising platforms that connect with audiences in the international arrivals area. The installation of four large digital screens – each measuring an impressive 40sqm – ensures that brands can seize the attention of travellers and visitors to the airport from the moment they step into the Atrium.

The Atrium offers brands the space to dominate. With synchronised advertising and 3D capabilities, this large format, multi-screen platform ensures that brands take over the Atrium on screens equivalent to two stories in height. Brands are therefore ideally positioned to seize the opportunity and convey their advertising messages in an innovative and creative way in one of the busiest transit hubs in Africa. This guarantees maximum exposure for brands that harness the screens’ displays for their campaigns.

Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport: A continental and international gateway

Location matters

The Atrium – an iconic site, unique to OR Tambo International Airport – is the most central point at the airport, which serves over 21 million passengers annually, and the ideal platform for large-format digital advertising to reach a positive, engaged audience with impactful creative executions, engaging messaging and disruptive visuals. It is in this space, where among others, South Africa’s global heroes and heroines are met and welcomed back following international success, with the screens also visible to passengers making their way to international departures and the Gautrain, and where dwell times tend to be longer than in any other space in the airport.

Fuelling innovation

This expansive, multiple-screen large format advertising opportunity – the first of its kind in South Africa – allows brands to dominate the airport’s highest-traffic space with bold creative executions, providing unmissable exposure to millions of travellers from all corners of the globe.

Atrium domination allows businesses to innovate freely, creating captivating and memorable campaigns that resonate with travellers. Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO at Provantage and Head of Airport Ads, says: “The Atrium offers brands an unparalleled canvas for creativity, enabling them to make a lasting impact on a higher-income target audience in a high-traffic and high-dwell time environment.

“By dominating the Atrium with their messages, brands can connect with travellers from across the globe and create an indelible impression on their journey through OR Tambo International and beyond. The Atrium is an addition to our impactful Airports digital offering, which also includes the large format Visionet network and Airport TV platforms, and we will continue to provide highly desirable site access and advertising solutions within the airport environment.”

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