Artist Ryan V joins forces with DigitalFlyer to bring hope in desperate times

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Why DigitalFlyer® and Hope?


“The past few years have been really tough, and it doesn’t seem that there is much hope for the near future – That is what the world wants us to believe! There is always HOPE and HOPE is the one thing that can restore our communities. We all need HOPE and our song HOPE is exactly what it says, “Look to the future” you are here for a reason and although it might seem or sound impossible, you have what it takes to be the difference, with HOPE and our faith in Christ, anything is possible! On our own we will lose hope and experience hopelessness, but as a community HOPE is a reality. Let’s open our hearts, get up and face our giants with HOPE TOGETHER, the time is NOW!” says Dewald Rosema.

Ryan V and Dewald Rosema, CEO of DigitalFlyer® & Community Business Token (CBT) became friends in 2019.

“I had the privilege of getting to know Dewald and his incredible vision for both DigitalFlyer® and CBT. His goal and vision for bringing Solutions to Needs through Communities in a decentralized manner, really struck a major chord with me.

In 2021 Dewald approached me to write a song that would be the anthem for DigitalFlyer® and CBT. “Being so community driven, I felt as though many communities and individuals had lost hope during the lockdown period. People lost loved ones, businesses, jobs, took salary cuts and were exposed to the biggest psychological battle of our generation. I felt I needed to dig deep when I approached the songwriting process. This one word stood out as I started writing and that word was HOPE! If we could restore hope to people, then so many things could fall back into place. Once the writing process started with this one word, it felt as though the song flowed quickly from there. I sent a very rough version on my cell phone to Dewald and he was immediately sold on the song. My wish is that this song will restore “HOPE” to someone in need of encouragement. We all fight various daily battles and it is hope that keeps us going. I am honored to be part of what DigitalFlyer® and CBT strives to bring to our communities” says Ryan V.

“HOPE is a perfect fit for our vision at DigitalFlyer®, CBT and our community driven passion, which is why we worked with Ryan V. We believed in his ability to write and deliver the perfect message of who we as a company are and what we want to achieve. Sustainable-Community-Building is at the center of what we are aiming for. Someone once said “A vision without a community is just a dream BUT a vision with a strong community, driving it together, creates miracles!” It is my firm belief and HOPE, that a song sang together, with passion and meaning can achieve SO much, but ultimately that is short lived. We need to rid ourselves of this 2minute-noodle and individualistic society mentality and return HOPE by working together and inside of our communities. Each one has a purpose and gift, let’s find that togetherness mentality and restore HOPE and FAITH” says Founder and owner of DigitalFlyer® and CBT, Dewald Rosema.