Combining old school values with an innovative tech-driven approach

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By Frik van der Westhuizen, CEO of EQPlus

The rapid evolution of technology is reshaping industries and changing how businesses deliver customer service. The secret to success in this environment is not about only adopting the latest and greatest technology. It also entails delivering the human touch in a way that still gives that personal experience.

At EQPlus we pride ourselves on doing exactly that. We focus on combining the best of traditional customer-centricity with the most innovative tech-driven support available. ‘Old school’ customer service is all about personal attention and care to customers. It is about developing a rapport with them and treating them as individuals with unique needs. This was something many companies focused on prior to the advent of automated systems and self-service platforms.

Of course, injecting a level of tech-savviness is equally important. In this way, companies can leverage technology to enhance the customer experience. For instance, using chatbots, virtual assistants, social media responses, online people management, and other artificial intelligence-driven tools.

A perfect combination

So, what is the value of combining these two seemingly contrasting approaches?

Primarily, it can be used to create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. In today’s connected world, people expect a near real-time response time, personalised solutions, and easy access to information. A hybrid approach to customer service enables businesses to meet these expectations while also providing the warmth and personal touch of traditional customer service.

Another advantage of integrating these areas is increased customer loyalty. By providing personalised attention and prioritising customer satisfaction, businesses can develop long-term relationships with customers. This leads to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and more profitable customer interactions.

Furthermore, EQPlus account managers can easily manage complex issues that require empathy and critical thinking skills. This lets them to better understand client requirements and build long lasting relationships. They can understand a customer’s unique situation, empathise with their concerns, and provide practical solutions.

In conclusion, old school and tech-savviness can deliver a valuable approach that brings with it the best of both worlds. It provides organisations with modern technology-based solutions while still offering the human touch that customers crave. By adopting this approach, we can with certainty say that our customer experience is on a much higher level, and we hope this will continue to increase our customer loyalty. Ultimately, it is one of the things that differentiates us from our competitors.