Cruising for crocs, wildlife clubs and more exciting holiday events planned for Dingo fans!

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Having scoured southern Africa in search of the World’s Largest Crocodile, South Africa’s favourite wildlife crusader and YouTube celebrity, Dingo Dinkelman, has found a definite contender. And now this massive reptile is about to find a welcome new home and take on the illustrious title of ambassador of Dingo’s Animal Kingdom.

“We’ve been on the search for the biggest Nile crocodile to feature in our World’s Largest Crocodile YouTube episode, and we were told about a big guy living on a crocodile farm in Limpopo,” said Dingo. “We got there and found this massive croc, 5 metres in length, and knew he was the one. We don’t know if he’s quite the world’s biggest Nile Crocodile, but he is huge.”

In the first week of December, this mammoth croc will make the journey to his new home in KwaZulu-Natal where he will spend the next two years being pampered and worked with to become an ambassador animal for his species at his final home, Dingo’s Animal Kingdom.

“My goal is to show people how amazing these animals really are. So many people just think, ‘Oh look it’s a croc’ but that’s not it at all. We have the privilege of living alongside prehistoric animals like crocodilians and most of us just mosey on past them as though they are not special or unique. I want to change that, and a big croc like this, already named Zambezi, will help us to do that.”

Dingo’s Wildlife Club

Dingo’s commitment to educating youngsters about wildlife and ‘converting the unconverted’ to conservation will continue at his holiday wildlife club. Running at Cotswold Downs in Hillcrest on 3 and 4 December from 9am to 3pm daily, Dingo’s Wildlife Club will be a safe space for children aged 4 to 12 years to spend some time outdoors having fun.

“Summer holidays are about getting out and having some great experiences in nature. Kids are welcome to come to Dingo’s Wildlife Club for a day or two where they can get some mud between their toes, get a bit wild, and get to know our awesome animals. This is an experience like no other!”

The cost is R350 per day or a discounted price of R600 for both days and bookings can be made by emailing

Dingo’s Public Exhibitions

Dingo and his team will also be running exciting animal activations at three public facilities during the festive holidays. This is a great family-friendly excursion for those wanting to see and interact with a wide range of animals.

“At Piggly Wiggly we have Dingo’s Farm and Reptile Park where people can get to know some of our softer and cuddlier animals. Kids will have great interactions with farmyard animals such as goats, lambs, pigs, donkeys, cows and alpacas, while checking out several interesting reptiles including alligators, iguanas and snakes. There will also be two live shows daily, at 11am and 2pm where everyone can learn a bit about each animal,” explained Dingo.

“Then we will also have a set-up at Shelly Beach Shopping Mall on the KZN South Coast and another at The Pavilion Shopping Mall in Westville for the duration of the holidays. The whole point of these exhibits is to get animals into people’s hearts. Families heading out to these malls to do their Christmas shopping might not realise that their whole morning is about to get interrupted with wholesome family fun! The entire family will have the opportunity to fall in love with a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.”

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