Distance learners from Educor to receive support from ADvTECH’s Oxbridge Academy

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Distance learning students affected by the Educor deregistration will be receiving support from Oxbridge Academy, the distance learning division of JSE-listed ADvTECH.

This follows the pledge of support by The Independent Institute of Education, ADvTECH’s higher education division.

Siyavuya Makubalo, Marketing Manager of Oxbridge Academy, says ADvTECH’s support for distance learners will come as a welcome relief to affected students, ensuring that no student is left behind.

“We are committed to helping students continue with their distance studies successfully and without interruption,” she says.

As a distance learning college, students can continue with their studies without delay, and would only need to submit their statements of results.

Makubalo says Oxbridge Academy has initiated a centralised process to ensure students are quickly and correctly advised.

“We enrol students throughout the year, so affected students can continue their studies without delay, and without having to wait for the second semester.”

Affected students who would like to enquire about their options of transferring to Oxbridge Academy can email info@oxbridgeacademy.edu.za or WhatsApp 066 387 3876 for assistance.

Oxbridge Academy will assist students with queries regarding similar qualifications and the process for applying for academic credits.

Support for students will be assessed at an individual level given the variables at play. In general, the process ahead will be as follows:

Transfer of courses

Oxbridge Academy offers a wide range of course from matric to National Qualifications and National N Diplomas.


Oxbridge Academy through their dedicated and experienced student advisors will guide students through the necessary steps to ensure they are fully informed.

Transfer of credits

Students need to send through their statement of results which will allow Oxbridge Academy to conduct an academic credit mapping exercise for each student. This will entail assessing the overlap between modules that the student has passed on the academic record.

Fee considerations

Fee credits will be granted for module credits, i.e. the total programme fee will be reduced by the cost of the module/s. Students will only pay for the modules or qualifications they will be completing with Oxbridge Academy.

“Our focus as Oxbridge Academy is to support former Educor students to successfully obtain their qualification, without interrupting their study period,” says Makubalo.