Eclipse Communications launches in-house media training offering 

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Eclipse Communications has expanded its service offering to include professional media training, led by Chief Media Officer Shahan Ramkissoon.  

As an independent and agile, full-service communications agency, making the most of every engagement with the media, is Eclipse Communication’s forte. Through its media training programme, clients can benefit from the agency’s learnings and insights, robust theory and best practices related to the media. These sessions will be facilitated by one of South Africa’s most prominent news anchors, Shahan Ramkissoon. 

“Drawing on my almost two decades of experience as a journalist and news anchor and Eclipse Communications’ depth of public relations knowledge and experience, we have developed an in-depth media training programme that will ensure company spokespeople not only land their messages with finesse and flair but also have the understanding of how the media operates, breaking the divide of ‘news to us vs news to them’. This will equip our clients with the techniques necessary for delivering a memorable interview,” explains Ramkissoon. 

With his experience of challenging people with hard-hitting questions for years, Ramkissoon is well positioned to help spokespeople navigate difficult conversations and confrontational interviews. 

The Eclipse Communications media training includes but is not limited to: 

  • Making the most of a multi-studio setup
  • Best practice on how to a handle hard-hitting news interview
  • Significance of body language and non-verbal communication
  • The domestic media landscape and how newsrooms operate.

In the modern day, investing in media training for C-suite executives and spokespeople should be a key consideration for all brands and companies. It is one of the pillars of an effective reputation management strategy.