Empowering excellence: RMS’ client-centric revolution in utility management

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In an era defined by the transformative power of data, Remote Metering Solutions (RMS) stands as a pioneering technology company, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of information in the realms of utility management, sustainability, and building systems. Guided by an innovative and forward-thinking C-suite, RMS continues to redefine the landscape, seamlessly integrating client-centric solutions with cutting-edge technology to empower businesses with actionable intelligence that fuels growth and sustainability.

“Our new C-suite has injected RMS with a renewed energy, amplifying our client-centric approach. Pivoting towards a tech-centric utility management model is not just a strategic choice; it’s an imperative in assisting clients navigate the complexities and expenses of modern utilities,” says Charlie Grobbelaar, Client Excellence Lead at RMS.

Evidencing this commitment, RMS recently orchestrated a transformative experience for a major property management client. By enhancing their quality control, adopting innovative communication methods, and integrating state-of-the-art technology, RMS consistently propelled their service evaluation scores above the 96% threshold.

“This transformation underscores our commitment to placing clients at the core of our operations,” says Grobbelaar.

The escalating significance of utilities, accounting for a substantial 60% of business expenditures, necessitates a responsive and proactive approach. In this context, RMS supports clients with tech-forward solutions to navigate rising costs and accompanying complexities.

“We recognise the future belongs to those who embrace technology. That’s why RMS has already implemented new technologies for better management of utility incomes and expenses” adds Grobbelaar.

When it comes to smart metering, RMS strides ahead as an industry pioneer. In an era where utility costs soar, the ability to gain real-time insights into consumption patterns proves invaluable. RMS’ cutting-edge smart metering solutions not only offer these real-time insights but also cultivate a foundation of trust between landlords and tenants. These solutions facilitate precise forecasting, fostering a culture of efficient consumption practices.

“Smart metering goes beyond tracking. It’s about empowerment, allowing clients to understand, manage, and reduce their utility costs,” says Grobbelaar.

In line with its commitment to cutting-edge solutions, RMS harnesses advanced tools such as its Zero Accelerate and GenConnect platforms and leverages Microsoft Power BI dashboards. Through these sophisticated platforms, businesses attain comprehensive visibility into their utility consumption, fostering sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

“Our tools not only optimise costs for landlords but cascade savings to tenants, ensuring a cost-effective occupancy experience,” concludes Grobbelaar.

RMS has proven its technological expertise and a strong focus on client satisfaction, making it an essential partner for businesses navigating the complex world of modern utilities. As the industry continues to evolve, RMS is ready to provide innovative solutions that promise a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective future for its clients.