Engen outreach helps support homeless children

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As a company that cares deeply about the communities in which it operates, Engen has heeded an appeal from Durban-based NPO, Youth for Christ (YFC) to support the Tennyson House Project (THP), which provides support for homeless children living on the streets of Durban. 

According to Jabu Ndlovu, YFC’s Resource Mobilisation and Communications Officer in KwaZulu-Natal, the aim of the THP is to provide early intervention and prevention initiatives for at-risk children and families struggling with poverty.  

“The Tennyson House Project reunites children with their families and strengthens families within communities, so that they are able to stay together,” says Ndlovu.   

“We also have a girl’s residential shelter and work within communities in Durban.” 

Engen donated a R5 000 fuel voucher, which will be used to transport children to school as well as winter blankets to provide warmth and shelter to girls living at the shelter. 

“We are extremely grateful to Engen for their support, which will give hope to many young children struggling with socio-economic challenges,” adds Ndlovu 

Engen Refinery General Manager, Sykry Hassim says Engen’s caring spirit drives its desire to step up and take proactive measures to assist vulnerable communities. 

“While we know it will take much more to alleviate the poverty faced by many communities, we hope our contribution will make a small difference to each person who receives the comfort of a helping hand as a result of our efforts,” adds Hassim.