Does your estate need an innovative protection solution that’s even tougher?  Plascon introduces high-performance Plascotuff 3500 Aluminium

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We all know that roofs take the brunt of the weather, regardless the size of a building. Climate conditions here in South Africa tend towards the extreme – we experience drought, storms, flooding, and everything in between. Protection from the elements is top of mind, and if you’re developing or managing an estate or cluster of homes, the need for industrial applications where long life expectancies are required, coupled with a profound responsibility towards the residents; procuring the most effective solution is in everyone’s best interests.

That’s why Plascon has introduced an innovative addition to its already robust Protective Coatings range. The Plascotuff 3500 series and the newly introduced Plascotuff 3500 Aluminium are ideally positioned for use as part of the system in roofing applications. Plascotuff 3500 can be utilized for external roofs as a primer as this product is surface tolerant and provides excellent corrosion protection. Plascothane 9000 should be used as a topcoat which is tintable and has the benefit of excellent UV resistance. 

The existing Plascotuff 3500 series is an high-build epoxy within the Plascon Protective Coatings range that comes in two variants – a standard Grey and Tintable transparent base. The standout factor to note is the tintable transparent base (Plascon product PEX003503-0036), which gives you a distinct advantage over standard colours as it can be tinted to attain the Plascon colour of your choice. This is particularly advantageous for those estates which adhere to strict colour codes throughout to create a distinct aesthetic and visual uniformity and to differentiate the estate from other properties.

According to Plascon: “The tint base can be used to attain any colour required by our customers. The tint-base was a range extension of the Plascotuff 3500 offering… For internal applications a customer could apply the standard grey as a primer and tint the final coat to a colour of their choice.”

Building upon the performance factors and characteristics of Plascotuff 3500 series, the range has also been extended to incorporate an Aluminium version. The standard Plascotuff 3500 already boasts exceptionally high performance factors. Based on this, the addition of the aluminium flake-filled component further enhances its benefits in both the anti-corrosive performance and aesthetics aspects of the coating. This addition complements and completes the Plascotuff 3500 range.

Plascotuff 3500 Aluminium is a twin-pack epoxy that comes with many stand-out features and benefits. These include:

  • It has a semi-gloss finish that is surface tolerant.
  • Drying time is approximately 2 hours for the product to be touch dry (@ 23°C), and 5 hours for over-coating.
  • It is a high-volume solids product (80%).
  • It can be easily applied using brush, roller or spray methods.
  • It can be applied to suitably prepared mild steel, galvanized steel and concrete.
  • It is ideal for use when long-life expectancies are required in corrosive environments.
  • It is a high-build epoxy (DFT – 100 to 200 microns) designed for maintenance on structural steel and tankage where surface preparation can be limited to mechanical cleaning.

With greater focus and investment in R&D, Plascon’s vision is to deliver protective coatings that meet the expectations of estate living. This is certainly being achieved with the introduction of Plascotuff 3500 Aluminium! Plascon’s team can specify life expectancy or corrosion protection depending on customer needs. 

This advanced protective coatings solution was introduced to the market in late 2021. After the initial launch period, further stock of Plascotuff 3500 Aluminium will be available on a Made-to-Order basis.

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