Frogfoot rise: Committed to enhanced learning through connectivity in underserved communities

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Frogfoot Rise is a prepaid, uncapped internet access campaign, which commenced last year, to help bridge the digital divide in South Africa by providing affordable and reliable high-speed connectivity  to underserved communities.

With Vrygrond and Philippi being the first communities where this rollout has taken place in the Western Cape, Frogfoot has also recognised the need to give back to these communities in other ways, including engaging with community groups and schools.

Last month saw Frogfoot visit iThemba Pre-primary School in Capricorn, Vrygrond, to further community engagement and reinforce the enriched learning opportunities facilitated by connectivity.

In addition to enjoying face painting, sing-along songs and receiving stationary packs, the children were also taught about internet etiquette and the importance of parental supervision.

Vrygrond is considered one of the oldest informal settlements in the Western Cape, where poverty, access to education and gang violence are some of the area’s most pressing challenges. iThemba Pre-primary School has established itself as an important centre of learning within the community, and is dedicated to the children’s well-being, while also providing weekly food parcels to families in need.

“Frogfoot Rise sees community involvement as vital in nurturing future generations. We were deeply moved by the experience of connecting with the children and staff at iThemba Pre-primary School. This encounter reinforces our dedication to empowering communities through access to essential resources like education and connectivity,” says Chandre Beukes, Marketing Lead at Frogfoot. “We remain committed to supporting initiatives that uplift and inspire, as we believe that by working together, we can drive positive change and create a brighter future for all”.

Frogfoot, a licensed open-access fibre network provider, is focused on the geographic expansion of their network, paired with the right offering, to improve penetration across more communities across South Africa