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By David Steyn, Business Manager: Customer Engagement at Decision Inc. South Africa

The Perfect Solution to Streamline Sales Workflows, not only for the Sales Manager, but for CIOs and CEOs too.

The performance of an organisation’s sales team shouldn’t only be the concern of the Sales Manager. As a Sales Team, you know that fundamentally sales performance drives the bottom line of your business. If there are inefficiencies in your sales operations, it will affect your entire business.

Challenges of the Sales Team

However, operational inefficiencies aren’t the only problem businesses face. Despite having access to more data than ever before, businesses still have numerous disconnected tools within their selling environments which often detract from the sellers’ focus. In addition to that, customer data is scattered across systems, making it extremely difficult for sellers and customer service to gather, much less use data insights about their customers.

Lastly, the buying journey is more complex and unpredictable than ever before, while sellers have less visibility of the insightful data they need. Customers are no longer able to fully rely on frequent in-person engagement with sellers. The buying journey has fundamentally changed, with much of it taking place using digital means. When sales representatives, therefore, get the opportunity to be in front of buyers, they must ensure they have access to relevant, real-time insights to close the deal when it matters.

The Ultimate Sales Solution

This is where the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Module comes in. It provides companies of all sizes with a complete suite of tools for sales management. This includes lead capture and tracking, quotes and invoicing, order management, and product catalogues.

While these tools are strong on their own, the true value of the module is unlocked using artificial intelligence (AI) that delivers actionable insights using all data points. The impact on analytics is profound as the module helps sales teams identify trends and optimise their strategies. By integrating with other Microsoft products and services, such as Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, and Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Service, the organisation can unlock new revenue streams and identify more advanced business models tailored to today’s digital market.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Module, companies have access to AI that is infused into all steps of the sales cycle. The natural language processing capabilities of AI supports sales conversation intelligence. Having it embedded directly into the module, every seller can receive relevant intelligence directly into their flow of work.

Full Sales Benefits Unlocked

Furthermore, the module assists businesses to streamline sales processes and improve the performance of the full sales team. Users have a complete view of their sales pipeline, from leads to opportunities to closed deals. This enables them to track progress more easily against quotas and compare results to historical data. In addition, the module lets sales teams create custom reports and dashboards.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Module is a powerful tool that brings with it intelligent insights that can help business leaders streamline their sales processes and improve their performance. For sales teams looking to empower themselves to do business in today’s connected market, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Module is worth considering.

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