Help Dingo in his search for the World’s Largest Crocodile

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One of South Africa’s most adventurous wildlife crusaders, Dingo Dinkelman, has announced his latest expedition – but he needs some help. Dingo has embarked on a search for the World’s Largest Crocodile which will form the focus of his next YouTube episode.

“I’ve been travelling around southern Africa searching for the world’s biggest Nile crocodile, and am calling on anyone who knows of big crocs to give us a shout,” said Dingo, the South African ‘Steve Irwin’ and an award-winning conservation crusader and YouTube sensation. “I’ve been to a number of parks looking for the biggest fella, and have even travelled to Florida to measure the biggest Nile Crocodile kept in the US, but I’m confident the largest guy will be around southern Africa somewhere.”

“Of the 27 recorded species of crocodilians found around the world, Nile Crocodiles are my favourite. Working with them is like being close to a T-Rex! They are incredible machines that are beautiful, fierce, frightening and nurturing all at the same time. And to be able to find the biggest one currently on earth will be one of the highlights of my life.”

Following the trails of myths, legends and rumours, Dingo has been called to various locations on the continent, but – as yet – doesn’t think he’s found the record breaker.

“It is probably more likely that the largest croc is actually somewhere in captivity in a large croc farm – probably around 100 years old or more. Wild crocs don’t always get optimum opportunities to feed and are affected by weather conditions more than captive crocs. Those in captivity should be receiving food more regularly, and should have more consistent environmental conditions which are the ideal recipe to producing larger specimens.”

Dingo said there was a Nile crocodile named Albert who lived around Sun City years ago, but nobody seems to know what happened to him: “I’m desperately trying to find him. I’m also looking at some farms in Botswana, Zimbabwe, the North West and Limpopo. I’m calling on anyone who knows of a crocodile measuring around 5 metres or more to get in touch and we’ll go on the prowl.”

So far, some of the top contenders to be measured include:

  • Hannibal from Crocodile Creek on the KZN North Coast;
  • Henry and Colgate from Crocworld Conservation Centre on the KZN South Coast; and
  • Lyle the Nile Crocodile who is the biggest crocodile in the United States at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.

…but audiences will have to watch the episode for the final results!

Fast facts about Nile crocodiles:

  • It’s believed to be the second longest crocodile in the world after the saltwater croc, but Nile crocodiles have the bulk to potentially make them the heaviest reptile on the planet.
  • It’s reported to reach 6 metres in rare instances with unverified reports of a 7-metre specimen.
  • They have the strongest bite force of any animal in the world and so their diet consists of antelope, buffalo, young hippos, and large cats.
  • They have a reputation for being man-eaters and kill more people every year than the other 26 species of crocodilians put together.
  • Female crocodiles are excellent mothers and usually will lay between 25 and 80 eggs in a nest dug into the river bank. She will guard this nest until the young hatch and will then gather them within her massive jaws and protect them as they grow.


Dingo is ready to hop into his Toyota Hilux and travel around southern Africa in search of a real monster croc! If you know where one is hiding, get in touch with the team:

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