Introducing DanUp Boost

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DanUp has introduced DanUp Boost – a 3 in 1 multigrain and yoghurt offering with added guarana extract and vitamin B to keep you energised to make the most of everyday. 

DanUp Boost is designed to fill the consumer with goodness and encourage them to show up. As a brand, DanUp is always about meeting the consumer’s needs by understanding that performing a day-to-day task requires both physical and mental strength and introducing DanUp Boost into the market will meet these needs.

“We really wanted to bring South Africans a unique event to celebrate the health and nutritional benefits of our latest innovation DanUp Boost,” says Danone Marketing Manager, Lazola Dali. DanUp Boost is a winning blend of multigrain and yoghurt with added guarana extract and vitamin B3 to help energise South Africans.  A refinement to the original recipe which was designed to offer hunger-fill on the go, DanUp Boost fuels your day with 3-in-1 nutrition, available in two flavours: Original Guarana and Berry.

DanUp Boost has a original flavour and Berry Flavoured Yoghurt Blend.

Danup Boost – Original Flavour – This refreshing and filling beverage is prepared with guarana for an extra boost of energy when you need it most

Danup Boost Berry Flavoured Yoghurt Blend 950g – This berry-flavoured, 3-in-1 drinking yoghurt contains guarana and a blend of maize, sorghum, barley and oats.

In 2016, DanUp infiltrated the Mageu category with the first of its kind multigrain and yoghurt blend designed to keep consumers fuller for longer. Fuelling its innovative trajectory, DanUp is now officially launching DanUp Boost , available in two flavours, original and berry .The blend has added guarana extract and vitamin B3 to energise your day.