Introducing RMS’ revolutionary Zero Accelerated solution for sustainability

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Remote Metering Solutions (RMS) has always been a trailblazer in Southern Africa’s complex energy sector, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and progress. RMS is thrilled to announce its latest groundbreaking offering, Zero Accelerated, a fully integrated data analysis and property management solution combining cutting-edge technology and exceptional services.

Over the past year, the RMS Sustainability division has played a vital role in South Africa’s Energy Performance Certification (EPC) process.  Nikhil Naidoo, Zero Accelerated Sustainability Solution Lead at Remote Metering Solutions, highlights their commitment to the certification process, certifying around 900 buildings, accounting for an impressive 50% of all EPC certifications in the country. This achievement demonstrates their dedication to viewing certification as an ongoing process rather than a one-time project, unlocking scalability and fostering invaluable interactions with building managers, companies, and property owners.

Data-driven decision-making

From their extensive experience, RMS has identified common obstacles hindering efficient building operations. To address these challenges comprehensively, RMS has leveraged its insights from the EPC process to develop Zero Accelerated.

Naidoo explains, “Zero Accelerated utilises data from smart meters to enhance and optimise operations. We have designed it to be compatible with meters from major service providers, ensuring flexibility and connectivity.”

The application extracts data from these meters and presents it in user-friendly dashboards tailored to specific needs. It offers two perspectives: a comprehensive portfolio-wide view for C-suite executives and a ground-level view for building managers. By translating complex data into easily understandable formats, Zero Accelerated empowers decision-makers responsible for crucial choices regarding building operations.

Empowering users and driving results

However, Zero Accelerated goes beyond being just sophisticated software. Naidoo emphasises, “Our solution provides data and the services to interpret and act on it. We develop logic that sends alerts for specific actions, such as system shutdowns during specific hours.”

Once installed, RMS onboard and trains building managers to ensure they fully grasp the system. They provide detailed instructions on utilising Zero Accelerated, analysing data, and taking actions to optimise the building environment. User engagement is vital, as the true impact of Zero Accelerated is realised when those on the ground actively use it.

Naidoo adds, “Zero Accelerated is a results-driven solution. We closely monitor building performance alongside our clients, ensuring water and energy usage reductions. If targets aren’t met, we offer further training to building staff to promote efficiency.”

Recognising that not everyone possesses engineering or technical expertise, RMS has prioritised user-friendliness in designing Zero Accelerated, avoiding assumptions about users’ technical knowledge.

Market growth

Zero Accelerated is currently being phased in with RMS clients, generating excitement through pilot projects with property funds, general corporates, and banks. RMS is delighted by the high conversion rate from proposal to client acquisition and its potential to improve decision-making in energy management significantly.

Moreover, RMS aims to reach new clients seeking sustainability solutions in the broader market. Naidoo affirms, “Zero Accelerated is a fully integrated energy management solution, representing our latest endeavour in driving the future of sustainable energy management in Southern Africa.”

Naidoo concludes, “With Zero Accelerated, we continue to lead the way in technological innovation, providing practical solutions that contribute to the larger sustainability conversation. We eagerly anticipate shaping the future of energy management alongside our clients and partners.”

If you’re a building owner or property manager interested in reducing energy footprints and optimising costs, reach out to or visit to learn how the RMS Zero Accelerated solution can benefit you.