Iridium wins Partner of the Year at Xero Awards SA 2023

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Iridium Business Solutions was awarded the coveted title of ‘Partner of the Year’ at this year’s Xero Awards in South Africa.

Xero is an international technology company that provides cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and each year holds an awards evening where it acknowledges and celebrates top partners, apps and app integrators. The Iridium team is thrilled to have finally clinched the prestigious award of Partner of the Year 2023. 

As one of the largest sellers of accounting software worldwide, this recognition by Xero will further cement Iridium’s position as a trusted and innovative cloud-accounting firm in SA.

“After 10 years of partnering with Xero to provide our clients with the best cloud-based accounting support, we are elated to be recognised as their SA Partner of the Year for 2023. We are truly honoured that the dedication and care the Iridium team has put into supporting our clients has resulted in this wonderful achievement,” says Simon Magner, Managing Director of Iridium Business Solutions. 

Iridium is a cloud-based accounting service company that provides outsourced accounting, advisory and automation to their clients, primarily SMEs and Entrepreneurs in South Africa. It is well known that SMEs play a significant role in the economic, and social advancement of a nation, and they can be key drivers of economic growth, innovation and job creation.1 As such, it is vital to create an environment that supports small businesses and start-ups, and to provide services that can assist them to grow and create greater employment opportunities. 

“At Iridium, our 2030 goal is to have a team of 150 people who support 1,000 SMEs, who in turn employ 10,000 people,” Magner explains. “We believe that this ripple effect is extremely important in building a sustainable and prosperous future for South Africans. And, with a team as passionate about people as they are about tech, we are very proud to work alongside Xero and our clients to make this a reality.”