It’s bigger, it’s better, it’s braver and it’s back in September

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Hollard has announced that the 2022 Daredevil Run will take place on Friday 30 September.

This annual event features men and boys, dressed only in purple speedos, running through the streets of Johannesburg during rush hour. The event has not only raised many an eyebrow over the past 12 years but has also played an enormous role in raising awareness about testicular and prostate cancers.

Last year saw a very successful COVID-edition national Hollard Daredevil Run take place, with men and boys running alone or in small groups around the country.

This year’s event is expected to be even bigger, with men and boys from every corner of South Africa being able to participate in their own neighborhoods, while the much-loved Gauteng-based event returns to Zoo Lake for the first time in two years.

“The Daredevil Run is an extraordinary platform that raises awareness about male cancers nationally, which leads to more lives being saved through early testing and timely diagnosis,” says Joanna Mondon, Hollard’s Head of Brand. “By increasing awareness about testicular and prostate cancer, we are creating Better Futures for the men in our lives, in our communities, in our schools and workplaces and in our country as a whole”.

The survival rate in men whose prostate cancer is detected early enough is 95%. In younger men at risk of testicular cancer, the survival rate with early diagnosis can be as high as 100%. Education, awareness and early diagnosis is key.

Running and sports clubs, gyms, schools, tertiary education facilities, corporates, previous participates and new participants are being urged to get behind what is being termed a hybrid, ‘feel good through doing good’ national event.

Friday 30 September will see thousands of brave men in purple Speedos take to their streets yet again to run cancer outta their hoods, with all proceeds going to CANSA and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

“We can never do enough to ensure that every South African male over 40 fully understands what prostate cancer screening entails. These events are critical as they generate massive educational opportunities on a national level to educate men and boys about prostate and testicular cancer,” says Andrew Oberholzer, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Gerda Strauss, CANSA’s Head of Service says, “ Men, be it someone’s son, husband, father, grandfather, or uncle, are hugely valuable to their loved ones. The role they play in their families and in their community is very important. Men often see themselves as the caretakers and protectors of those they love and value, but they can be reluctant to take proper care of themselves. We know how hesitant men can be to go for regular check-ups and schedule visits to a Healthcare practitioner. The Hollard Daredevil Run enables CANSA to offer awareness, information, and screening services for men’s cancers and therefore is empowering CANSA to save the lives of the men in our communities who would not otherwise take advantage of the opportunity.”

Cancer affects everyone in one way or another.  Men of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels are urged to get out of their comfort zones, celebrate their man bits and raise money by running cancer outta their hoods, all while having a lot of fun.

Registrations for the 2022 Hollard Daredevil Run are now officially open and available on Webtickets or directly at