Join RMS at SACSC Annual Congress 2023 for cutting-edge utility insights

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We are pleased to share that Remote Metering Solutions (RMS), the leading supplier of utility metering technology in South Africa, will be participating in the SACSC Annual Congress.

This event is highly anticipated by professionals in the shopping centre industry and will take place in Cape Town from 17 to 19 October 2023. RMS is excited to make its mark in this significant industry gathering.

The SACSC Annual Congress is well-known for bringing together industry experts and forward-thinking individuals, providing an engaging platform that showcases a wide-ranging exhibition and a remarkable group of speakers. Participants can look forward to gaining valuable knowledge on the industry’s most recent developments, obstacles, and resolutions, all centred around the theme of ‘Anti-fragility – survive, thrive, and grow’.

At this year’s SACSC Annual Congress, RMS is anticipated to make a significant impact. The organisation’s innovative and dynamic C-suite of thought leaders is at the forefront of utility management, and they are expected to bring a fresh perspective to the discussions. As utility management becomes more complex, RMS offers valuable insights into the crucial role of smart metering technology and reporting. Frikkie Malan, the Chief Commercial Officer at RMS, emphasises the importance of proficient utilities management in the ever-evolving environments of shopping centres and retail spaces. “As these environments continue to expand and adapt, efficient utilities management becomes a top priority. At RMS, we believe in fostering strong client relationships and guiding them through the complexities of utility management,” Frikkie affirms.

RMS is unparalleled in utilising data and technology to provide valuable insights and efficient solutions, setting it apart from competitors. With extensive knowledge of utility expenses that directly impact the total cost of occupancy in shopping centres, RMS plays a crucial role in the industry.

“We are thrilled to be part of the stimulating conversations at the SACSC Annual Congress. It serves as the perfect stage to spotlight how our comprehensive utility management solutions can revolutionise shopping centres. Our commitment extends beyond offering solutions; we aim to be lifelong partners in our client’s success,” Frikkie Malan concludes.

To learn more about RMS’ involvement in the SACSC Annual Congress or to arrange a meeting with our representatives, please reach out to Lisha du Preez at