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By Jan Badenhorst, Chief Technology Officer at Trinity IoT

IoT is transforming the way we live and work. For businesses, the key to harnessing IoT’s full potential lies in ensuring reliable data transmission from edge devices to central systems. Dropped messages can lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers, and operational disruptions. This challenge affects a range of industries, including telematics, security, media, asset tracking, fintech, food delivery, smart grids, amongst others.

That is why we use several methods to build network layer redundancy for our customers. This ensures reliable connectivity and data transmission for their business operations.

A flexible solution we provide is a SIM with roaming capabilities. Our partners, who include BICs, Telenor, and GDSP, supply these SIMs. The roaming SIM in a device can automatically switch to connect to Vodacom, MTN, or Telkom networks, depending on the device’s configuration and the network’s availability in that area.

While this method works for some customers, others prefer using our Dual SIM technology.

Dual SIM technology provides the flexibility for our customers to manage costs and control their connections more directly.

Although roaming SIMs also offer redundancy by connecting to multiple networks, the technology provides less direct control and might rely on pre-configured settings and partner agreements.

This is where Dual SIM technology shines.

The Challenge: Fragile Connectivity in the IoT World

Imagine an alarm system failing to notify authorities, a delivery order getting lost in the network, or a remote sensor going offline. These scenarios highlight the critical nature of reliable data transmission in the IoT world.

South African businesses face the additional challenge of load shedding, which can also disrupt network connectivity.

That is where our Dual SIM technology comes in. Think of it like having a backup squire for your knight. If the main network throws a tantrum (coverage drops, internet slows to a crawl), your device can seamlessly switch to the second network, ensuring your message reaches its destination. It’s like having a backup generator for your internet, no more network meltdowns.

Cost vs Effectiveness

Imagine this: Your device malfunctions. However, instead of sending a technician on-site (which costs time and money), you can diagnose and potentially fix the problem remotely from your desk. That’s the power of our APN SIM technology.

Sure, APN SIMs might cost more than regular SIM cards. However, the cost savings you get by avoiding on-site visits can easily outweigh the higher price tag. This is an investment that can save you money in the long run.

Here are a few reasons why our customers love our APN SIM management solution:

  • Remote management: our APN SIMs connect your assets (SIMs and devices) to our secure private network, allowing you to troubleshoot and fix issues remotely through our SIM and Device Management Platform (Connect).
  • Proactive insights: Gain valuable data about your SIMs and device’s health, allowing you to predict and prevent problems before they occur.

This ‘remote management channel’ gives our customers peace of mind. Knowing that their assets are connected and monitored allows them to react quickly to any potential issues.

Data Security When Using Our SIM Technology

At Trinity, we take data security incredibly seriously. That is why when you choose our network and SIM cards, you can rest assured that your data is protected.

Firstly, our SIM cards operate entirely on our private network. This provides an additional security layer for our customers. On request, this setup allows the SIM cards to be configured for specific devices, ensuring they won’t function if removed and inserted into another device.

Secondly, since our SIMs are on a private network, they offer customers the advantage of remote accessibility for their equipment. You control the IP address associated with each SIM, enabling you to tunnel into them, wake them up, and maintain a private network within the general mobile network, which is a powerful feature.

Using these SIMs on a private security network eliminates an entire class of security issues for the customer, which is especially beneficial in the world of IoT.

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