Kluster – a new, fast game that can be played anywhere

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Gather your friends, siblings and parents because there’s a new game in town! Kluster is a quick, easy to transport, incredibly fun, really simple, accessible to everyone, full of strategy game. It can be played solo or with other players, up to four. It’s very entertaining and perfect for group play.

“Kluster is a new, dexterity game that is ideal as a family game, social game, break-the-ice game and everything in between. It is easy to set up and the rules are simple. I take it with me to friends as an add-on to the evening’s entertainment,” says Philip Galliford, spokesperson for Solarpop.

How to play
Magnetic stones are equally shared between players, who must, in turn, place one stone inside the area delimited by the cord. The first player to get rid of their magnets wins. But beware, when stones kluster together during one player’s turn, that player collects them.

Players need to be aware that the strong magnets need to be kept away from small children as they can cause internal injury if swallowed. Magnets should also be kept away from magnetically sensitive devices such as credit cards and pacemakers.

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