Leveraging AI to bolster security in SA

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By Ralph Berndt, Sales & Marketing Director at inq. SA

The emergence of Edge AI is fundamentally transforming the way we think about data processing and decision-making. By shifting data analysis and processing to the very ‘edge’ of a company’s network, decision-makers can ensure their remote offices can access real-time computing across multiple locations. This not only ensures timely insights but also paves the way for swift and informed business decisions.

Our use of Edge AI at inq. is not restricted to any single sector. We are leveraging its potential across a number of industries, enhancing everything from production lines and security infrastructures to logistics and the development of smart cities.

For instance, the strides we have taken in video analytics have further cemented our commitment to innovating in this area. We have been one of the first service providers on the continent to provide managed AI services for video analytics. No longer do businesses need to grapple with the cumbersome task of manually combing through hours of video surveillance footage. Instead, our Video AI platform, strengthening with AI capabilities, presents detailed analytics. By transforming existing surveillance camera systems into intelligent hubs of insights, we are enabling businesses to deploy, manage, and monitor alerts across vast regions with no disruption to existing operations.

At its core, our solution provides real-time, automated data processing through AI, ensuring instant insights. It reduces the workload on security personnel who previously spent hours reviewing video feeds. With our Control Platform, companies can monitor events in real-time. Our reporting is tailored, ensuring the insights are directly aligned with client needs, and the actionable intelligence we deliver plays a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience.

But how do we tangibly support business through Edge AI? Our solution detects infringements, flags safety issues as they arise, ensures compliance with policies, and offers intelligent data analysis. Furthermore, our centralised analytics work for both new and existing surveillance systems, facilitating a proactive response to any business challenges.

This sees the integration of AI into the hardware environment to manage camera real estate through AWS and the cloud via localised deployments. By using existing cameras and introducing our appliances, we are tapping into the immense potential of AI to strengthen physical security, health, and safety. As we delve deeper into the realm of cybersecurity, we are exploring policy management, endpoint protection, remediation, and zero-trust strategies.

The vision is clear – we are forging ahead with the combination of physical and digital security, leveraging edge devices to escalate security to unprecedented heights. As we continue to champion Firewall as a service, our narrative remains firm—reimagining and reinventing for a safer, smarter future.