Muziki Africa: The beat of Africa beckons

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FAME Week Africa is leading the African drumroll for Muziki Africa as it gathers the vibrant sectors of the African creative economy, including music, film, TV, animation and entertainment technology, from 3 – 10 September in Cape Town.

Presented by The Music Arena, the Muziki Africa conference takes place from 4 – 6 September at the CTICC 2 and will weave a vibrant tapestry of music’s multifaceted world. Unveiling Opportunities peers into emerging markets and industry trends, fostering a more inclusive and innovative music ecosystem by breaking barriers and identifying growth potential. Breaking Barriers and Shaping the Future: What’s Next for Women in Music champions gender equality, inspiring a more inclusive industry where women contribute to reshaping the music landscape.

Harmony of Change delves into music’s profound societal impact, fostering dialogue on ethics, diversity, and vital issues. Unlock Your Songwriting Potential: A Masterclass at Muziki Africa empowers aspiring songwriters, nurturing the next generation of musical storytellers. Harmonising Narratives: Unleashing the Power of Music in Storytelling and the Business of Music Synchronisation merges artistry with commerce, bridging the gap for creators and business professionals alike.

Inclusivity shines in Harmonising Diversity, addressing LGBTQ+ and minority representation, fostering unity through music. Celebrating Excellence recognises African talent’s global impact through music awards, and Adapting to Change equips participants for the evolving music landscape. Navigating the Spotlight guides musicians through artist development and management, while Unveiling the Soundscape of Tomorrow offers insights into the future of live music and the broader industry.

These content sessions celebrate music’s richness and diversity, providing invaluable knowledge and inspiration for all music professionals and enthusiasts.

The full programme can be found here and you can book your seat here. Tickets start from R750 for all three days.

You will hear from:

  1. Sipho Dlamini : President of Africa & the Middle East at gamma, Sipho Dlamini orchestrates a wealth of experience across the business aspects of the music industry, including distribution, publishing, and artist management.
  1. Zakes Bantwini: As a singer, record producer and entrepreneur, Zakes Bantwini’s presence brings an artist’s eye to the discussions. His multifaceted experience provides insights into the creative process, production and entrepreneurship the drives the realm of music.
  1. Ninel Musson: Co-Founder of Vth Season, Ninel Musson offers insights into artist management, branding and the development of talent; shedding light on how artists are nurtured and propelled into the spotlight.
  1. Shiro Mwendwa: As the Head of Creative & Licensing at Sheer Publishing, Shiro Mwendwa plays a pivotal role in publishing, the keystone of the industry. Her insights span vital information about licensing, copyright and the role of music across various media.
  1. Mx Blouse: As recording artists themselves, Mx Blouse brings first-hand experience in music creation and the challenges faced by artists today. Their unique perspective provides a glimpse into the creative journey and the ever-evolving music landscape.
  1. Justin van Wyk: CEO of Big Concerts International and Ticketmaster, Justin van Wyk shares his vast knowledge about concert promotion, event management and the live music experience, the facet of the industry that gets feet moving.
  1. Phiona Okumu: As the Head of Music in Sub-Saharan Africa at Spotify, Phiona Okumu delves into the role of streaming platforms in music distribution, discovery and the shifting consumption patterns of listeners this sector is driving.
  1. Eddie Hatitye: Eddie Hatitye’s role as the Executive Director of the Music in Africa Foundation underscores his dedication to promoting and advancing African music in its diverse forms across the continent, and the changes being effected by it.
  1. Antos Stella: As CEO of The Music Arena, Antos Stella takes us on a journey of exploration into the business side of the industry, including event production, artist bookings and vital, must-know music business strategies.
  1. Munya Chanetsa: As Managing Director of Africa at EMPIRE Publishing, Munya Chanetsa shares his focus on music publishing, global distribution, and the worldwide reach of African music.

With the luminaries included in this list and so many more attending, Muziki Africa serves as a platform that brings together influential figures from various corners of the music industry. It is a meeting of minds and hearts that promises enlightening conversations about the current and future impact of African music on a world ready to discover its nuances and value.