Obsidian drives competitive open source advantage with HashiCorp

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Obsidian Systems, a supplier of open source software solutions and a specialised HashiCorp partner in South Africa, says the HashiCorp open source products provide cross-cutting infrastructure management in cloud and on-premises environments that have set the standard in infrastructure automation.

HashiCorp solutions extend across provisioning, security, interconnection, and workload coordination. For instance, HashiCorp Terraform is the most widespread product in the field of provisioning of infrastructure-as-code. The value of security controls that Vault offers to ensure your sensitive encryption keys, passcodes and access controls are secured. While Consul manages your network protocols to connect your apps in any environment safely.

For its part, HashiCorp Vagrant enables organisations to deploy test environments locally, quickly, and simply, based on code. HashiCorp Packer provides the means to build automated machine images that can be deployed an indefinite number of times.

HashiCorp was established in 2012 to revolutionise data centre management application development, delivery, and maintenance. Fast forward to the present and its technology forms the key for companies looking to unlock the full potential of a cloud operating model.

“IT leaders need solutions that automate application delivery and enable self-service. However, these must be aligned to the highest compliance standards. Setting policies and audit interactions with baked-in security controls are other invaluable features that HashiCorp provides. All of this is done to increase productivity and lower cost across cloud implementations,” says Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian Systems.

The HashiCorp software sack enables the provisioning, securing, connecting, and running of apps and the infrastructure needed to support them. It enables companies to ensure their digital transformation strategies run optimally.

“With access to the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP), we provide our customers with the means to effortlessly scale across all cloud service providers. At a fundamental level, HashiCorp is built on open source principles which makes us the perfect local partner as we inject this into every facet of our business and client implementations,” adds van Staden.

This has seen Obsidian driving the certification of its specialists on HashiCorp technology. This provides the company with significant cloud expertise to assist its partners and clients to optimally use HashiCorp to gain a faster return on investment for their cloud implementations.

“Our clients do not have to skill up and spend time and money to optimise their HashiCorp environments. Obsidian has the most certified HashiCorp specialists in South Africa. For us, it is as much investing in our competitive advantage as it is about facilitating a more efficient way for our customers to get the most out of a digitally driven business environment,” concludes van Staden.