Obsidian to host webinar on navigating Atlassian Server support end of life journey

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Obsidian Systems, a supplier of open-source software solutions and a Platinum Solution Partner with Atlassian since 2014, is hosting a webinar in partnership with TechCentral on 4 October 2023.

This is in the light of the discontinuation of Atlassian Server support in February 2024, underscoring the importance for businesses to migrate their systems ahead of time.

The focus of the webinar, ‘The Road Ahead – Navigating the Atlassian Support End of Life’, is to provide a comprehensive roadmap for businesses seeking a successful transition. Additional topics will include strategies for staying ahead of the curve and best practices to handle the end of life support changes.

Leading the Webinar will be Nick Holdstock, Team Lead for Atlassian at Obsidian Systems, and Tania van Wyk de Vries, Chief Product Officer at Obsidian Systems. With their extensive experience in DevOps, Agile methodologies, project management, and Atlassian technologies, they will provide invaluable insights for smooth migration and navigating the end of Atlassian Server support.

Holdstock is an experienced professional known for his excellence in change and release management, streamlined operations, and service delivery enhancement. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in DevOps and Agile methodologies.

For her part, van Wyk de Vries is a certified Scrum Master at Atlassian and has built a reputation for her expertise in Agile methodologies and mastery of the Jira platform. She has a proven track record of enhancing team productivity and successfully driving high-impact projects.

The Webinar is designed for a range of technical decision-makers, including CTOs, service delivery managers, Jira admins, project managers, solution architects, analyst programmers, and Jira support teams. It is equally important for those who are considering migrating to the cloud and understanding its implications for existing business operations.

Given Atlassian’s policy of supporting feature versions for two years after the first major iteration, this transition is essential. Businesses with unsupported versions may face challenges in raising issues and obtaining necessary bug fixes. With sales for new Server licenses already ceased and support ending, this Webinar will equip businesses with the tools they need to prepare for this change.

Obsidian has aided numerous customers with successful migration strategies. The company continues to enable teams to manage their code seamlessly on the right platform and access the correct data. Their SMARTER approach ensures the optimisation of efficiency, enhancement of security, and drives change and innovation.

For more information on the Webinar and to register, visit the Obsidian Web site here.