Over 300 students already assisted as 2023 #R10GoesALongWay officially launched

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With over R1.7m in registration fees already disbursed to 324 deserving students in the past two years, the next iteration of #R10GoesALongWay is again promising to change the lives of South Africa’s next generation of graduates. As the campaign goes live this week, the Fundi Foundation is calling on corporate and individual donors to open their hearts and wallets, join the movement and be active agents of positive change.

Inspired by social media influencer Lasizwe Dambuza and friends, #R10GoesALongWay was launched in 2021 to overcome the barrier to entry created for many students by tertiary institution registration fees.

Now in its third iteration, it’s become a flagship initiative of the Fundi Foundation – and will be used to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds who find themselves unable to access the education they deserve and have dreamt of. “We’re privileged to have taken on the full responsibility and ownership of this initiative,” says Mala Suriah, the CMO of Fundi. “We’re committed to delivering on its vision of changing students’ lives for the better and helping them to achieve their career dreams. This starts with assisting them to pay their registration fees for 2023.”

While registration fees are a standard – and necessary – part of all tertiary institution processes, Suriah explains that they can prove a formidable barrier to entry for students, especially those from the ‘missing middle’. “This group of students finds themselves ‘trapped’ in a space where they don’t qualify for NSFAS funding and their parents and family typically can’t afford to pay for their education. Many of these learners try to ‘pay as they go’, pushing for bursaries and other funding options when the new study year starts. Registration fees can stop these dreams in their tracks though, as students need to raise as much as R15K upfront and be ready to pay this by the time the first semester starts; typically in February.”

All applications receive go through a rigorous audit process, and are diligently screened and audited. Students are required to submit supporting documents relating to their registration, proving they have been accepted for their desired course. “This year’s application window will close on 14 January, giving students just over a month to apply. Successful students will have their registration fees paid directly to their tertiary institutions by the Foundation,” explains Suriah.

Because the Foundation is a registered NPO, corporates making contributions will also be issued with a Section 18A certificate for tax purposes.

“#R10GoesALongWay has already changed hundreds of lives by unlocking the start of these students’ career dreams,” says Suriah. “With the festive season upon us, we’re inviting South Africa to embrace the spirit of giving, and help the class of 2022 take this next step on their journeys. Please make the R10 (or more!) in your wallet or account count. Together we can have a real impact and do something exceptional for these students’ lives,” she concludes.

Donors interested in making a contribution should visit https://fundifoundation.org/DonatePageR10GoesALongWay

Interested students should also visit the website to apply.