Plantation security shutters: Zero compromise

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When it comes to secure, stylish shutters, you can’t get better than ‘Proudly South African’ Plantation Shutters.

At the Plantation Shutters manufacturing facility in the Western Cape, their engineers understand that security shutters must provide an uncompromising level of security for any home, whilst still being aesthetically beautiful. Not only do Plantation Shutters manufacture their own shutters, which allows for zero waiting time for imports, they’ve developed a unique metal composite screw with the extraordinary tensile strength of over 1.4 tons to ensure their flagship security shutters do not pop out of their frames when placed under force or pressure.

This leading security technology was recently put to the test in the Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel in France at The Scientific and Technical Centre for Building, where experts determined exactly how sturdy these shutters are. The result? The Plantation Security Shutters can withstand a cyclone – good news for South Africans! While the famous Cape Doctor never reaches these speeds, it’s nice to know the shutters can resist winds or pressure of over 250 km/hr. This clearly has a significant impact on testing the shutter’s security level.

Plantation Security Shutters are the strongest and most secure security shutters with a reinforced frame and the most advanced locking system on the market – a secure three to five-pin locking cylinder. The security shutters are suitable for all interior and exterior applications, especially where security is of the utmost importance. It’s the most beautiful way to secure one’s home and provide complete peace of mind.

The shutters are fully customisable with over 10 unique frames, allowing for many mounting options, and they come with a 10 to 12-year guarantee with excellent and efficient after-sales service – another benefit of a local company that manufactures everything from scratch. There’s a lead time of only 21 working days from order to installation, and a broad range of customized colour options. While the emphasis is placed on strength and security, Plantation Security Shutters are beautiful and elegant, which makes them the number one choice of top architects and interior designers throughout South Africa.