Plascon’s new-generation floor coatings seal the deal

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Don’t underestimate the value of superior floor coatings! While certain products undoubtedly enhance the visual appeal of a space, helping to project a polished image, the advantages extend far beyond mere aesthetics. Coatings that are specifically designed for your needs safeguard flooring from heavy wear and corrosion, and ultimately extend their lifespan.

Enter Plascon’s brand-new floor coatings portfolio. By incorporating cutting-edge technology with its traditionally high standard of quality, Plascon’s Floortect range provides seamless finishes for a diverse range of surfaces, including in hospitals, vehicle showrooms, warehouses and processing plants, as well as commercial and residential buildings.

Fabulously fit for purpose

The glossy, non-skid Floortect 1000 SB (formerly Epoxy Floor Coating) is resistant to oils, grease and chemicals, and is ideal for floors that are frequently cleaned with detergents. The grey, tintable product is best used in commercial and residential buildings, in both living spaces and garages, as well as in warehouses and industrial units.

Floortect 2000 SB (formerly Plascothane Purecoat) is a moisture-cured urethane that is best on countertops and wooden floors, and is also suitable for use in workshops, processing plants and industrial units. A clear, tintable, high-gloss product, Floortect 2000 SB does not require mixing and dries quickly, which means up to three coats can be applied in a single day.

The third in this multi-faceted range of floor coatings is Floortect 3000 WB (formerly Plascon Gehopen 3000 WB), a two-component water-based epoxy. Intended for residential buildings as well as commercial applications such as food-processing facilities, abattoirs, hospitals and even nuclear facilities — Floortect 3000 WB is nuclear-decontamination certified — the coating is low odour, easy to clean and scrub resistant.

Another high-gloss product, Floortect 4000 SF (formerly Plascoguard 4000 HB) is an epoxy coating that copes admirably with foot traffic in factories and warehouses, food-processing plants and process areas, hospital theatres and labs, cold rooms, and aircraft hangars. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, this light-grey product can be applied in a single coat.

Finally, Floortect 7 SB (formerly Plascon Gehopon Sealer 7 SB) is a fast-drying epoxy used as a system primer. It can seal concrete to achieve a dust-free surface. It is currently available in transparent green but a clear sealer is coming soon.

Friends with benefits

Purchasers will love the fact that these Plascon floor coatings repel dirt and dust, which is always an advantage, particularly in settings requiring high standards of hygiene.

The Floortect range has further benefits – it’s a pleasure to use, with its smooth application and excellent adhesion, and Plascon’s investment in superior quality means the coatings will protect and extend the lifespan of whatever surface you’re applying them to.

You’ll have hardy, beautiful finishes at your fingertips with these exceptional products.