Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trading Card Game ushers in a new generation

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Pokémon fans around the world and in South Africa have been eagerly awaiting the release of the newest addition to the cherished trading card game, and their wait is finally over. The release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet marks the launch of a new generation of Pokémon, bringing new excitement and considerable nuance to the card game.

Spokesperson for Unplug Yourself; Philip Galliford confirms that for fans of the franchise, this release is a significant milestone, as it introduces never-before-seen Pokémon that will capture the hearts and imaginations of both novice and longstanding collectors.

“With new characters and abilities, the new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trading cards are more immersive, providing an experience that players will want to keep exploring,” says Galliford. “While the launch is still fresh and the value and desirability of certain cards are yet to surface, we anticipate that the new generation will substantially add to the excitement of the TCG. We look forward to seeing how it unfolds.”

With new additions exclusive to the Paldea region – Quaxley, Fuecoco and Sprigatitto – players are able to take advantage of each of their strengths built around their unique identities. Other noteworthy additions from the video games include Wiglett, Fidough, Greavard, Armarouge, Scovillain, Cetitan, Klawf, Lechonk, Maushold, Mabosstiff, and Revavroom.

Thanks to the redesign, Scarlet & Violet is one of the biggest resets Pokémon TCG has ever experienced.

“The design and gameplay of the new Scarlet & Violet make the Pokémon TCG feel fresh, quite a feat for a game that has been around for twenty years and boasts nearly a hundred expansions. The card design has been updated, with the classic yellow border of the cards replaced with a silver holographic one. There is a refreshed rarity structure, rule changes to Item cards, reintroduction of Pokémon EX, and the new Tera-type Pokémon. It brilliantly ushers in the next generation of the trading card game,” explains Galliford.

Reworked Rarity Structure

The new gameplay mechanics bring a novel strategic perspective to the game, giving players the opportunity to adapt their gameplay and incorporate an exciting new layer to play.

The rarity structure has been reworked, and each level of rarity has its own name and icon. Whilst Common, Uncommon, and Rare remain unchanged, others have been added.  These include Double Rare, illustration rare, special illustration rare, and gold cards.

As the new packs are cracked open and more cards are spread amongst players, the new generation’s rare cards will become highly valuable and sought-after.

New Paldea species will debut in coming expansions, adding to the excitement of this modern Pokémon adventure.

Where to find Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trading cards, sets, and accessories are available at Takealot.com. Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Toys R Us and all good hobby stores nationwide.

For more information visit www.unplugyourself.co.za or https://www.solarpop.co.za/Scarlet-Violet/

Visit Unplug Yourself at Comic Con Cape Town from 27 to 30 April to ‘learn to play’ and play in tournaments.