R17 shares tactics for digital acquisition in finance and private markets

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In a webinar hosted on Wednesday, 7 June 2023, leading digital agency, R17 Ventures, which has worked with several asset managers, wealth managers and family offices across the globe to increase their investor client-base through online lead generation, shared some insights into what companies in finance and private markets can do to meet their growth goals and KPIs.

Focusing on acquiring high-net-worth individuals for their clients, the agency which achieved on average a 300% increase in leads with a 30% decrease in cost per lead, shared various actionables that marketing and digital executives in these sectors could leverage to meet their growth goals.

R17 Ventures recommends a dual approach to online advertising campaigns: convincing prospective investors why the financial offering, like private equity, is important; and convincing prospective investors why the firm in question, is the right vehicle for their portfolio.

Using a real-life case study of one of their clients in private equity, Raphael Rohner, CEO of R17 Ventures, and performance marketer, Lize Victor, explained during the three core tactics that they have used to drive high quality leads for these clients.

The first is a reach/frequency strategy, which speaks to finding the right market via the relevant online advertising channel – such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Meta Ads – adapting the messaging daily in relation to the prospect’s status in the sales funnel, from the awareness, through consideration and signing, nurturing the lead over a period of time, every step of the way.

The second tactic they discussed related to ensuring that there is an exchange of data between the CRM and the ad platform. They elaborated on this, talking about how one can use a CRM to share data, such as the quality of leads and what stage they are in the funnel sharing, with the ad platforms in order to optimize the ad platform’s machine-learning and aid the lead nurturing process.

The third core tactic related to releasing weekly tests for hooks and messaging. Explaining this further, the agency said this aids in further identifying what resonates with prospective investors and drives them to convert.

The full 25-minute webinar, which includes additional insights, strategy information and steps for acquiring new clients through digital advertising, is available as an article on the R17 Ventures website.