Redstor unveils QuickBooks Backup service

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Redstor, a born-in-the cloud software vendor and provider of the smarter cloud backup platform of choice for managed service providers (MSPs), has announced the launch of its QuickBooks Backup service that safeguards accounting and other financial data against loss due to ransomware, human error, and other threats.

Targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the QuickBooks accounting solution tracks income and expenses, and invoice and access payments. It also assists with tax management, amongst other business-critical functions. Almost 80% of SMBs are using QuickBooks to take care of their accounting function using a single dashboard, making it one of the building blocks for economic growth.

There can be little arguing the negative impact of an SMB losing all its transactional data for the past six months or having employees accidentally deleting recent invoices and payments. Furthermore, the repercussions of losing some accounting data before the owner must submit its accounts to the SA Revenue Services (SARS) can have costly consequences.

“The reality is that this high value financial data is prone to continuous threats from cyberattacks and even human error. There are significant financial and reputational repercussions for SMBs who do not ensure this data is adequately protected and backed up. In some instances, losing this data or having it compromised could result in the company having to close down. This is why Redstor has launched QuickBooks Backup to make the backup process a seamless and user-friendly function. It gives business leaders the peace of mind that their financial data is fully redundant and can be recovered in an instant should the need arise,” says Dan Boddington, product manager for business applications at Redstor.

The Redstor service backs up QuickBooks data from both the production and sandbox environments. A major source of data loss can stem from the finance team making changes to the QuickBooks production environment. With the Redstor service, administrators can use backed up, real production data in their sandbox to verify and validate any changes before implementing them into the live environment.

A scheduled backup is performed daily while users can also initiate a backup on demand. Effectively, an SMB can protection QuickBooks data with Redstor in under 90 seconds. There is no hardware to install, manage, or replace, and no impact on local bandwidth. The Redstor QuickBooks Backup service can be configured in a few clicks and can instantly scale according to demand.

The service supports the RedApp cloud-native mobile app that enables backing up a broad range of data sources. These include traditional and cloud-native infrastructure and an ever-widening array of SaaS platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Workspace, Xero, QuickBooks, and more. Customers can recover their QuickBooks data using the InstantData feature of the service.

Considering how many people use QuickBooks online, mistakes can easily happen that can impact the data. It is therefore important that QuickBooks files are backed up to guard businesses against these mistakes. Redstor QuickBooks Backup provides an invaluable safety net for administrators as they can manipulate and interrogate every single line item within their QuickBooks estate to perform granular level recoveries if and when required.

“The single user interface of Redstor QuickBooks Backup not only saves time but also provides an invaluable safety net for SMBs looking to have their financial data automatically backup up. The service complies with all regulation and delivers an effective way to comply with good business practice,” says Boddington.