Alain Janneker, Altron Karabina.

Run 365 delivers paradigm shift for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience

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By Alain Janneker, Service Delivery Lead, and Pravesh Parbhoo, Head: Sales and Solution
at Altron Karabina

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem presents businesses with a comprehensive and robust stack of capabilities to manage operations and customer relationships. It is no surprise that the tools are popular with businesses that want to leverage the best technology to drive growth. However, as any business that works with D365 can attest, despite the immense capabilities, it is not all plain sailing and managing the ecosystem can become a challenge.

Implementations can be complex while managing, customising and maintaining D365 can become costly and stretch a business’s time and people resources. However, these pain points are easily mitigated by working with a managed services provider that takes care of the transactional system so that an organisation can focus on its core business instead of scrambling to stay on top of its F&O, CRM and ERP tools, among much more.

Understanding this, Altron Karabina designed its Run 365 offering to take the D365 experience to a new level of delivering value. It was crucial to develop a service that brings predictability to the costs involved in running the environment.

Pravesh Parbhoo, Altron Karabina.

But how did we do this? The Run 365 business is designed on a factory concept. Altron Karabina’s Run 365 is able to leverage the economies of scale we have developed within the business to deliver the same services for a business at a fraction of the individual resource cost that a business would be paying if it were managing the environment internally, and this cost savings is then pushed back to the customer.

It’s all good and well to get to this point, but an organisation needs peace of mind that in addition to cost savings, it also saves time and that the service delivers the right insights from the right reports. Businesses need a reliable service that’s predictable on incidents and problem management, with proactive and reactive reporting, and system maintenance. All aligned with industry best practices and governance frameworks.

A business such as Altron Karabina, with access to varied skill sets and the wider Altron group of companies, is in a unique position of bringing specific expertise to any problem. This ensures that at any given moment, for any number of customers, the business is able to offer capability across the entire D365 suite.

This concept – which Altron Karabina developed to deliver a paradigm shift to the D365 experience – allows organisations to focus their resources on their core competencies so that they can achieve their own performance targets and deliver on SLAs.

The final ingredient, naturally, is building genuine, long-term relationships. A managed service provider needs to be able to offer counsel not just in the immediate area of D365, but across the entire IT spectrum. Ultimately, Run 365’s genesis lies in Altron Karabina’s obsession with delivering real, measurable value to customers.