SA attending CATAN World Championship in Malta in November

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South African representative, Brett Anderson, will compete with the best CATAN players from all over the world as they gather in Valletta, Malta, from November 19-20, 2022, to crown the next world champion during the 2022 CATAN World Championship.

“I love that your strategy has to evolve depending what’s on offer, so you can’t approach the game with a strategy until you have seen the board, as well as the psychological/political aspects of manipulating the other players subtly,” said Brett Anderson.

Co-hosted by CATAN Studio, Kosmos, and CATAN GmbH, the 2022 World Championship will be the first time players have competed in a worldwide, in-person competition since 2018. The CATAN World Championship is typically held every two years, alternating between Kosmos and CATAN Studio as the primary hosts.

Enthusiasts, fans, and everyday players will be able to live stream the CATAN World Championship at

“One of the core messages of CATAN is that we can all grow and prosper peacefully,” said Benjamin Teuber, CEO of CATAN GmbH. “In order to achieve prosperity, we must trade wisely with one another and help each other out.”

Rooted in curiosity and adventure, CATAN is all about harvesting, negotiating and growing fledgling settlements into thriving communities. CATAN’s deep story is rooted in values, history, mystery and adventure. Guarding nature’s core secrets, it invites virtually limitless exploration.

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