SA youth vote Rooibos as one of the best hot beverages on the market

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Rooibos is a locally-grown beverage which has been consumed by generations of South Africans, and it seems this delicious, health-enhancing drink is finding popularity among the upcoming generations as well. A recent South African Rooibos Council (SARC) release cited the 2022 Sunday Times GenNext Survey in which youth voted Rooibos as the second-best hot beverage, just after Starbucks Coffee.

For the survey, more than 6 000 South African youth (aged 8 to 23) and young professionals (aged 25 to 30) chose their ‘coolest’ brands from 69 categories. Rooibos not only came out in second place for the ‘hot drink’ category, but is also the only herbal infusion to feature in the top 10 rankings.

For Laager Rooibos, one of the country’s most popular Rooibos brands, this came as no surprise – with the youth having been a key focus for them for decades. It was in 2000 that Joekels founders, Joe Swart and Jonathan Kelsey, first saw the opportunity to launch a Rooibos range specially designed for kids, under the Laager Tea4Kidz brand.

“With the global and local tea market in decline, competitors were looking at ways to increase consumption of tea among existing tea lovers. Joe and Jonathan on the other hand turned their attention to the next generation of potential tea drinkers – kids,” explained Candice Sessions, Laager Marketing Manager. “Their logic was that, if we can get kids to love healthy tea at a young age, they will become tea lovers for life, and reap the health benefits of this. And so Tea4Kidz was born, the first range of teas made specifically with kids in mind to promote their long-term health and well-being”.

Beyond the great flavours and versatility of the Laager Tea4Kidz range, it also comes with the many health benefits that have seen Rooibos become a global phenomenon. These benefits and breaking into a previously untapped market saw the launch as a natural win-win for parents and children, and the tea category as a whole. Competitors both globally and locally were quick to follow suit – but Tea4Kidz remains the number one children’s tea in South Africa.

Picking up on the many health benefits of Rooibos, specialist dietitian and Laager Rooibos partner, Mbali Mapholi, explained: “Rooibos tea is an incredibly healthy addition to any diet, providing hydration that is caffeine-free, sugar-free and packed with benefits. We live in a time when sugary beverages are consumed regularly, especially by the youth. Rooibos provides a delicious and healthy alternative for daily hydration.”

3 ways for your kids to enjoy Rooibos in the warmer months

1.       Iced tea

Making home-made Rooibos iced tea is as easy as 1-2-3:

i.  Brew your kids’ favourite flavour of Laager Rooibos Tea4Kidz, and allow it to cool.

ii.  Add chopped fresh fruit and honey to taste.

iii. Pack with ice and enjoy!

2.       Slushies

Making home-made Rooibos iced tea slushes is a healthy and delicious way for kids to cool down on a hot day:

i.   Brew your kids’ favourite flavour of Laager Rooibos Tea4Kidz, and allow it to cool.

ii.  Pour into an ice tray and pop in the freezer

iii. Chop up your kids’ favourite fruit, pop in a blender with the frozen Rooibos ice cubes and blend.

3.       Ice lollies

Making home-made Rooibos iced tea lollies is quick and easy – and your kids will love them!

i.  Brew a strong pot of your kids’ favourite flavour of Laager Rooibos Tea4Kidz, and allow it to cool.

ii.  Sweeten with honey to taste.

iii. Pour into lolly moulds, and layer in slices of fresh fruit. Pop in the freezer and enjoy on a hot day!

Laager Tea4Kidz has recently released two flavours with added Vitamin C for even more health benefits.

Parents and caregivers can also access a range of healthy recipes, advice and tips via the Joekels website,, and via free parent/teacher workshops in partnership with an educational training expert.

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