Spot It! Simple to learn, a challenge to win

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A fun, clever, portable game for the entire family that you can play anytime, anywhere!

First released in 2009, the game in its distinctive round tin has become hugely popular, ranking high on many lists. It features in the top ten of Amazon’s best-selling card games. It’s one of the most popular games for children and for teachers, parents, and speech and occupational therapists. It is also one of the best games for cognitive development.

Spot It! also has multiple awards under its belt, including a Mom’s Choice Gold Award and Creative Child 2021 Travel Fun of the Year Award.

The game is aimed at school-going children aged seven and up but is a great game for the whole family to play. It is travel size, so a parent can carry it in a handbag or keep it in the car for whenever an opportunity to ‘edutain’ children arises.

Philip Galliford, spokesperson for Solarpop—distributor for Spot It!, says: “Spot It! is a simple to learn, entertaining game that keeps players on their toes. It blends entertainment with education, boosting thinking skills, problem-solving, and a competitive mindset. It can be played anywhere, anytime, and it never gets boring. Furthermore, the packaging and product have gone green with less plastic and more recycled material incorporated into the product.”

The basic structure of the game: the deck has 55 cards, with eight symbols on each card. The beauty of the game is that it doesn’t matter which two cards you choose, one symbol always matches. It’s not by magic that this happens, but by a mathematical equation. There are five ways to play the game – The Tower, The Hot Potato, The Well, The Poisoned Gift, and Triplet. They are all based on the speed at which a player spots a match.

Sometimes it might look like the two cards on the table don’t have a matching symbol. This is because each card has eight symbols and sometimes the matching shape is a different size or orientation. To play the game, players need to quickly pattern-match and memorise, and work on perception. All of which are beneficial to young children.

The benefits of playing pattern games as a family

Over and above the mental benefits that come with playing this game, it is ideal for family time. When playing as a family, children develop social skills that will positively influence their behaviour in group settings. This includes following rules, taking turns, and gracefully winning or losing. Additionally, it is an opportunity for players to bond with family members as well as peers.

A greener tomorrow

The makers of Spot It! believe in doing their part in assisting humankind to be kinder to the planet. The new packaging contains less than one gram of plastic, compared to the 23 grams it used to contain. Also, 24% of the packaging is from recycled materials.

Spot It! features

Players: 2-8 players

Ages: 7 years and older

Play: Five ways to play

Contents: 55 illustrated cards – Storage tin

  • Spot It! Classic
  • Spot It! Classic Mini
  • Spot It! Marvel
  • Spot It! Harry Potter
  • Spot It! Mandalorian

Available from, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Toys R Us, Bargain Books