Synthesis helps an operations company reduce AWS Cloud costs by up to 39%

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A leader in the industry has spent 35 years across 75 countries visualising and creating what other companies can’t see themselves – ways to improve their operations.

The company creates solutions that help organisations plan, track and manage these global improvements on one platform.

The product requires a large infrastructure to operate and with this size comes challenges.

The Challenge

Being experts in manufacturing and supply chain management meant that the company needed a reliable partner to help them manage complex cloud environments according to best practices.

The company wanted to further enhance cost optimizations and cloud operational initiatives, especially without causing disruptions to normal business hours. The product needed to run 24/7 and the company is renowned for its customer service. Disruption would impact clients across the globe. There was no opportune downtime.

The operational company contacted Synthesis; a software company known for making companies more competitive.

The Solution

Synthesis used AWS Infrastructure Enhancements and Commitment Based Discounts from AWS to reduce cloud costs.

The Synthesis team, based on their research, finds there are three reasons that most people battle to reduce cloud costs for three reasons:

  1. Finance managers don’t understand or consider pre-requisite infrastructure changes
  2. Analysis and purchases are performed across many business units in an ad hoc manner
  3. Purchases are made in ways that don’t provide the greatest overall discounts to the business

“With cost optimisation, it is about knowing what point in the journey to pull what levers,” explains Mohamed Ismail, Service Manager at Synthesis.

“What we did was look at the infrastructure holistically. Often companies commit to yearly discounts based off the incorrect instance size and family type (general, compute and memory optimised). We analysed the infrastructure so the company could commit to the correct pricing that suited its unique needs the most.

Each business area within the company was considered to get a global cost optimisation for all cloud infrastructure. Nothing was considered in isolation. This allowed us to identify optimal areas for cost savings.

We find that half the battle is having the experience and knowledge to know what to look for. The company wanted to better focus its time on its customers over its cloud environment. Often companies optimise on their own, and this takes time and often the results aren’t achieved. We ensure companies don’t waste time or energy and get our years of knowledge.”

The Results

Before the business was paying full prices on every AWS resource across the cloud real estate.

Now the company has optimised infrastructure that is not only operates at a lower price but yields better performance, with less incidents. The company is saving up to 39% on cloud costs for the same resources used.

“The understanding and collaboration with the company stakeholders made it easy to have a constructive rollout plan of action. They had the willingness and commitment to make this a shared accomplishment and successful implementation.

They’re very happy with the first steps delivered and can’t wait for the next steps on the journey.”

AWS costs saved