Tetley Green Tea shares self-care calendar this Mental Health Awareness Month

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The past few years have brought significant challenges to South African communities, from the pandemic and riots to floods and load shedding. For women who often prioritise the needs of family and friends above their own, mental health has taken a knock. That’s why the team from Tetley Green Tea has created a self-care calendar that shares daily, practical tips to address stress.

According to the latest Mental State of the World report published by the Mental Health Million Project, South Africa has been identified as the lowest-ranked country based on mental well-being, with the mental health of younger generations and women plummeting.

“As women, we don’t often prioritise ourselves. Mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, employee, leader, helper… We fill so many of these different roles that we often put ourselves last. We worry about the health of our loved ones but neglect ourselves,” explained Candice Sessions, Tetley Marketing Manager.

“This Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to encourage the women of South Africa to invest in self-care. This doesn’t have to be a massive shift – it’s about making small changes that prioritise your physical, mental and emotional well-being; that become part of a longer-term investment in self.”

The Tetley team and partners shared what self-care means to them:

“For me, self-care is the daily practice of looking after and prioritising your own mental and physical well-being, doing things that give you inner peace and happiness, and in turn, recharging every fibre of your being.” – Lindsay Leppan

“Self-care for me is my mandatory nail appointment, and my early morning spinning classes. Finding time for me, from me.” – Chiara Marchesi

“To me, self-care means taking care of myself holistically. While I do my night skincare routine, I like to reflect on the day’s events and make sure I am mentally okay.” – Nokuphila Ngiba

“Self-care for me is constantly reminding myself to be MINDFUL in my words and actions. I live with the mindset that we are all here to be loved and appreciated and we are all individuals looking for appreciation and happiness. Try spreading as much love as you can and it will be reciprocated.” – Suri Gounden

“I’ve never been very good at self-care, but this year I decided to change that. I have gone back to the gym and gotten myself a personal trainer. My mornings start early but they belong to me and only me. That’s my time and I love it. I get to start my day with a clear head and hope that in the process I’m adding some benefit to my overall well-being too. Next on the agenda is more sleep but that is a work in progress!” – Cheryl Ingram 

“Self-care for me is taking time out to do something that is food for my soul. Something that brings me peace and strengthens the core of my being. This happens when I shut the world out and listen to music or sing at a temple or even at home. Just me and the reason for my existence, the Man above!” – Vilendrie Muthulingum

“As a single mom, my self-care is gyming during my lunch hour and making sure my eyelashes are done, getting dolled up and taking my son on a date, because men need love too!” – Claire Clack

“Self-care for me is having the whole weekend to myself – no plans, or visitors and the opportunity to do whatever I want, whether it’s relaxing, cooking, watching series or reading with no pressure. I crave it for my mental health and actually schedule these weekends in – it is non-negotiable!” – Nicola Ashe

“On a warm evening, self-care is stretching out on my balcony with a cup of Tetley and my favourite biscuits to compliment the night while ‘spilling the tea’ with my sister and having a gossip catch-up session! On a cold, rainy day, it means being curled up with a bowl of popcorn, a book and a steaming mug of green tea while I let my face mask do its work to keep my skin looking fresh.” – Louise Koeberg

Tetley Self-care Calendar

Because lots of small changes can make a big difference, Tetley has put together a self-care calendar for women on this journey so that, by the end of October, self-care will be part of a daily routine and it will be evident what a difference small positive changes can make.

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