The cost of a DIY approach to Google Ads

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By: Joshua Maraney, CEO of Top Click Media

Even though anybody can set up Google Ads, less than 10 percent of internet users click on paid ads. This means that the novice has virtually no chance of driving a campaign successfully beyond the initial setup. Experts spend countless hours embedding themselves in the world of knowledge, trends, analytics, and keywords that make Google Ads a powerful brand engagement tool.

Many local companies might be tempted to ask someone in marketing to ‘quickly’ set up Google Ads. The challenge comes in with managing the data analytics. The ads could be running, but a business will likely not be getting the optimum exposure and click-through from them.

Top Click examines several things to consider around Google Ads.

Fine-tune management

A company might map and successful set the ad up to get it running. However, the ad could be appearing in results that can cause a negative association with the brand. For instance, a business might set up an ad for dog breeding, but now it is showing in searches for dog breeding scams. This will cause potential clients to avoid clicking through.

Or the ad might be up and running and displaying in the right context, but it is showing up in the wrong country or city. This will increase the cost per click without any realistic opportunities for meaningful customer engagement.

Another consideration is that not all AdWords are positive. An example of this could be a brand that wants to advertise a weight-loss programme, but the word ‘weight’ results in terms that include cooking and industrial scales.

Furthermore, no company wants to be exposed to negative topics. For example, it might want to advertise a wet wipe brand but do not want the Google Ad to appear when someone searches about the global pollution of wet wipes. This could cause long-term damage to the brand.

The right partner

There is clearly an art to creating the perfect Google Ad. A company must therefore think carefully about choosing the right Google Partner or Premier Partner to assist in the management of these ads. Having such a partner on board will enable the business to associate the AdWords with their products or services and optimise exposure to the right audience.

When an organisation relies on a Google Partner it will get access to several benefits that include ongoing education and insights, access, support, recognition, and rewards. These benefits help power the business forward, building up data that is useful to track, and that helps the company make informed marketing decisions. Working with a Google Partner also means the reach of an ad can be extended and exposed to thousand non-Google Web sites and YouTube as well.

So, even though a company might be able to technically set up a Google Ad, it will require assistance from a partner to avoid issues that may arise. It is important to remember that the internet never forgets, resulting in any misstep potentially spelling disaster for a campaign.

Instead of cutting corners and trying to go it on their own, businesses should consider working with an experienced partner like Top Click to get the peace of mind knowing their brand will get positive exposure and income at a steady rate.

Joshua Maraney is the CEO of Top Click Media, a digital marketing agency in South Africa.